11 tools to help students learn better

11 tools to help students learn better

Remote learning has been a challenge for many students since the pandemic outbreak. To offer students an enhanced experience and keep them engaged, we made a list of the most useful tools for learn. 

Taking notes


This is a no-cost tool from Microsoft that resembles a digital notebook to organize all the information in one place. Make notes for every topic separately and keep them in a special notebook. If you add pictures to your whiteboard, OneNote helps you improve the quality and make it more readable. Recording online classes and synchronizing them with notes can offer a fast context. 


Evernote is another handy app for note-taking. You can process your hand-written text and extract text from images. Students can take audio and image notes, record videos, and clip the text from web pages. Evernote allows such formats as PDF, docs, photos, and even handwritten pieces. You can also use Evernote to collaborate with other students and present their notes and ideas to each other. For instance, you can discuss ideas for essays with your classmates. This app has limited functionality for free, and you have to pay to upgrade to the Pro and Premium plans. 

Editing services


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Tools for video classes

Google Hangouts

This is a video conferencing tool introduced by Google. It enables remote collaboration, real-time messages, video chat, and sharing photos, screenshots, and files. You can install a mobile app on your Android or iOS device. With a user- and mobile-friendly interface, it is a simple and engaging tool even for the youngest learners. Hangouts offer enhanced privacy, users can see the chat history only if they are invited. You can have unlimited participants in your video meetings. 


This is another solution for video conferencing where you can hold online classes and enhance student collaboration. You can easily record videos and keep them in the cloud. You can also make transcripts of your recordings. These features help students keep up with the learning program even if they miss the online classes. Other functionality includes sharing files, messaging, and sharing screen. It is available on all kinds of desktop and mobile devices. This is a decent competitor for popular video conferencing apps like Skype or Zoom. 

Google Classroom

This is a go-to tool for organizing, holding online classes, and collaboration between students and teachers. Google Classroom is way more than a video conferencing software. After the teacher schedules an online class, the students receive invitations via Gmail. They can easily access all the materials shared by their teacher. The advanced functionality involves making quizzes, tests, creating a class schedule with the dates of tests, etc. Google Classroom keeps the students updated and helps the teachers monitor the progress they make. This tool is an online classroom that is always available. 

Making presentations


This is a great tool if you want to be more creative. Students can make more vivid and stylish presentations, documents, images, and even website design templates. It is easy-to-use and full of images, icons, and graphic elements to add to your unique design. Most features are available for free, but the advanced ones are available in a Pro plan. 

Adobe Spark Video

This video-making tool is great for video presentations. Students can make their own educational videos using ready-made templates, graphics, sounds, and visual effects. You can edit and publish your videos on any device. 


If you want to go beyond using a Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi is a great option to make presentations more innovative and engaging. This tool is available in the browser and it offers more advanced functionality. Students can make slideshows and presentations by integrating different media. With Prezi, you can also upgrade your PowerPoint presentations without making them from scratch.

Content organization


This great tool helps students create their blog-like entries safely. You can make your note public only after the teacher’s approval. You can add other types of content like photos or videos, or audio by uploading your own pieces or using the licensed ones. This tool helps improve your writing skills and makes the process more fun. 

Tools for game-based learning


Kahoot is an excellent tool to add more fun to your online lectures and classes. Make your own quizzes and online games to increase student engagement. Kahoot is a great way to refresh information you received during the class. You can make games and quizzes in any language. 


These were the top tools for students. They are going to boost your online learning to a higher level. Try them and make your online learning more engaging and fun.


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