10 Most Wonderful Things To Do In Murrells Inlet, South Carolina This Vacation!

10 Most Wonderful Things To Do In Murrells Inlet, South Carolina This Vacation!

Your children may be very excited to go on vacation to the Murrells Inlet South Carolina. The city is blessed with beautiful wonders and has a rich history. If you are visiting with your family, you won’t get bored as you can do many things here during your vacations. It is a must-visit place for all. Murrells Inlet is a famous city situated on the Atlantic Ocean, around 41 miles (66 km) southeast of Myrtle Beach. This city is blessed with beautiful historical sites, great fishing spots, and wide white sand beaches. All wonders make it unique from the rest of the cities in South Carolina. 

These vacationers can make out many things to do during these vacations. Your children will surely love the beautiful aquarium, dolphin show, and excellent nature trail. Once you are here, you can also visit Sunburst Motel to enjoy stunning ocean views from your window. If you are looking for a place where your family can take a break from all the busy schedules, this is the perfect place for the tour. You can also visit here if you are looking forward to watching dolphins or fishing around. You may also try out different fishing boats like powerboats and sailboats. 

  • Discover Beauty At Huntington Beach State Park

Huntington Beach State Park is just 4 miles (6 km) away from the city. The Department of Natural Resources protects this beach. It is located on the Atlantic Ocean side of the state and is one of the best places to go for ocean activities like fishing, swimming, surfing, and diving. You can also get engaged in nature trails here or go for horseback riding. You can also find vast and amazing plants like flora and fauna in this park.

  • Take A Ride With The Helicopter

If you are very interested in riding a helicopter, this is the finest place for you. Many services will take you for a wonderful and adventurous ride on these vacations. You can enjoy the peaceful views of the Murrells Inlet from the air during these vacations. Your family can also enjoy scuba diving sessions here. The Murrells Inlet airport will provide you with this type of excellent service. You can find more information about the helicopter rides in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, on the official website of the companies.

  • Enjoy Art At The Sunburst Motel

If you are visiting Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, with your family, then you must stop by the Sunbeam Motel. This place is among the oldest motels in the United States and has a magical charm that attracts people worldwide. It was originally opened as a motel in 1939 by a French settler named Bernard Tauber. The motel has been renovated and redesigned several times and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Watch Tennis Live At The Arthur Ashe Stadium

If you are a tennis lover, you can also visit the stadiums for tennis tournaments. The Arthur Ashe Stadium is also known as the “Centre Court” of South Carolina. This stadium is home to the Murrells Inlet Tennis Club. It provides you with every kind of sport needed for a passionate tennis fan during these vacations. You can also participate in tennis matches here and enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean from your window. 

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  • Take The Boat Ride To Parcel Point

You can also explore this beautiful paradise by boat or go on a beautiful tour ride. You can also spend some quality time with your family and friends here. If you are looking forward to spending the day in the sun, this is the perfect place. Many children enjoy the boat ride, so they can have the rides here.

  • Take A Trip Downstream

The Murrells Inlet is also named the “Hilton Head of Pee Dee .”It is one of the top destinations in South Carolina and provides you with every kind of recreational activity you want on your vacation. You can enjoy golfing, fishing, swimming, hiking, and canoeing once you are here. You can also find several spots on these vacations, like Crab Creek and Poinsett Creek, where your children can have fun playing around. You can have the best time here with your family.

  • Savor The Seafood Of Murrells Inlet

If you are in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, with your family, then you must visit “Fishing Harbour Seafood Market” to enjoy authentic and traditional fresh seafood. You can also find several other restaurants in this city for a wonderful meal. The seafood lovers will get various tasty fish, crabs, lobsters, and many other juicy, tasty food.

  • Go On A Drive Through The Historic Sites

There are several historical spots where you can spend some quality time with your family and friends during these vacations. You can also enjoy an attractive drive around these areas to get the most beautiful historical places. You will get a chance to learn about this city’s history from these places. You can also visit the “Murrell’s Inlet Lighthouse and Museum.”

  • See The Beautiful Ocean In The Nature Reserve

If you are looking forward to spending some quality time with your family, then visit the “Coastal Discovery Nature Centre” to learn more about the local wildlife, birds, and plants. You can also take a walk around this place during these vacations as it provides you with some great views of the ocean. You will enjoy it a lot while you are here.

  • Visit The Coastal Discovery Museum Of Natural Science

The Coastal Discovery Museum of Natural Science is very famous in this area and has attracted people worldwide. You can find rare and stunning artifacts from around 200 million years here. You can also find fossils, minerals, rocks, and great examples of fossils from around the world at this museum in Murrells Inlet. You can also find information about the area to visit more places during these vacations. 


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