Yolanda Lynes and Fiance David Cheung Break Up

Yolanda Lynes

A source close to Yolanda Lynes has confirmed that she has broken up with her Hong Kong action actor fiance David Cheung. The two are reportedly in a loveless relationship and Cheung is accused of cheating on his wife. According to the source, the couple broke up during an August trip in which he rekindled his relationship with the actress. The pair will be working together on a Hollywood movie in September 2021, which could be their final film together.

Impressive Career

Despite the recent news, the relationship is far from over. Although the couple is not married, they had been living together since 2015. In addition to acting, Lynes is an accomplished writer, producer, and director. Her impressive career has brought her a hefty fortune. Her net worth is estimated to be in the range of $3 to $5 million. The actress is also active on social media platforms. She has over 31 thousand Instagram followers and has posted more than two hundred and fifty times on her account.

The relationship between the two actors was not a long one. The pair met in 2015, started dating in October of the same year, and got engaged onYolanda Lynes 2020 in Cebu. The couple had seemingly been happy in each other’s company for four years. Unfortunately, the breakup between them is a surprise to both fans and their fans. However, both partners have yet to comment on the news.

Two Celebrities

The relationship between the two actors is not as long as some people believe. The two celebrities met on the set of a movie in 2015 and were dating a few months later. But there are reports that their relationship ended soon after the filming. Some of the reasons for the split include the fact that the couple was in a relationship for several years. While this is the case, their love is far from over.

Despite the breakup Yolanda Lynes, it appears that the two have a healthy relationship. The two started dating around 2015 and were engaged in May of 2020. The couple’s relationship was over four years, but they were still very happy together. As of today, the pair do not appear to be in a relationship. They are both currently single. They did not disclose their divorce, but they are talking about it.

Still Living Together

While the relationship between the two stars is still a mystery, the two celebrities seem to be a good match. Moreover, the two are not married. They live together in Hong Kong. Nevertheless, their love is still very public. The couple was a couple of months before the breakup and were still living together. While the couple was engaged, the relationship ended abruptly.

The couple started dating in 2015 and were engaged by the end of 2016. The couple met while working together in the film The Take-Down, and their relationship lasted four years. While they were still dating, Cheung proposed to her on New Year’s Eve in Cebu. The two were engaged shortly after, but haven’t announced their future plans. In 2017, they also had a baby together, and the couple has remained close ever since.

Temporary Setback

Yolanda Lynes the couple is not married, they are still engaged. Their love for each other is still known to be mutual. The couple is a couple and had a strong relationship for about four years. Both people in the industry are very close, but their love affair has been on the rocks for a while. While they are a happy couple, the split may have been a temporary setback for the two.

Final Words:

The two met in 2015 and began dating. They were in a relationship for over four years before deciding to get engaged. They met in the same year and began dating. During this time, they were in a relationship. Afterward, they got engaged to a celebrity couple, who is not known to her. Neither of them has commented on the split. There are many theories regarding the breakup, but the fact remains that the two have not disclosed details.



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