10 best examples of fashion Women Brands in Pakistan

Imagine that over 1.6 billion people shop online. This customer base represents huge potential for online stores.
Websites selling clothes, Women Brands in Pakistan, shoes, bags and accessories have taken a big slice of this pie. According to one forecast, retail sales. Through e-commerce will exceed $4 trillion by 2020.
Even world-famous fashion brands such as Prada and Versa have entered. The online space to get closer to existing and new customers.
Competition is fierce and fashion Women Brands in Pakistan are doing their best to keep up with. These changes by updating their e-commerce sites.

In this article, we will discuss how to design a fashion website that rocks.
The secret to great fashion website design

To stand out and thrive, websites need to be a combination of a great user interface and user interface. Let’s take a look at the list of e-commerce website features:

An eye-catching website

A website is usually the first thing visitors see. Making it one of the most important touch points.
So pay special attention to this page. A successful page attracts users and communicates your message to them. Thereby building contact and trust.

Never show the prices of products here; being so intrusive will hurt you. Instead, your website should encourage users to continue to explore your store.Women Brands in Pakistan

But you can add irresistible visual elements to the front page. As Atterley did with his eye-catching images. Follow the link to read Atterley’s case study, authored by an agent.

Good navigation

A good website is easy to use and this can through navigation. Double-check that even non-technical. Shoppers have no difficulty finding what they are looking for.

Create a shop that is easy to navigate so that visitors spend more time there. Your chances of selling your products will also increase. If your website has a clear shopping path. A little tip: Include a link in the menu to a page that lists your offline stores. Many people still prefer to buy offline.

So try to make the navigation consistent, simple and intuitive. Check out this article for a detailed guide on site navigation.
High quality visuals and videos

It’s no secret that the fashion industry is very visual, and this is also true for fashion websites.
Users expect attractive, large photos and high-quality images. Visuals need to look good on both desktop and mobile devices with different screen sizes.
Videos are another effective means of visual communication with customers. Don’t leave them unused, use them to make your brand memorable to shoppers.

Product pages to scroll over

As more and more brands sell online, fashion. Online design is starting to look more and more like e-commerce stores. Impressive product pages play a big role in converting visitors into buyers.

Several design components can to achieve this:

– Images and videos. Images and videos can to show what the product looks like in real life.
– “Add to cart” button. This should be visible on the page and should entice the user to click it as as possible.
– Product descriptions. They should describe the product in detail and focus on its features and benefits. It should also show all available colours and sizes.
– Social media buttons. People are big social media users. Providing a social sharing button is a smart idea to use for word-of-mouth marketing.

– A “customer reviews” section. What others have to say about. Your products has a major influence on purchasing decisions. You may to edit negative reviews or write fake reviews, but it’s much better to be honest. Honest reviews mean a smarter buying decision and fewer returns and refunds.
– Sell a look. Become a stylist, offering your customers a ready-made look. Many people can’t create them themselves, and they’ll definitely in such an opportunity.

Choice of colors

A black and white color scheme seems to be a natural choice for the fashion page. As fashion designers female clothing brands in pakistan and stylists tend to be this combination. So if you want your website to look stylish, choose this scheme.
Otherwise, you can go ahead and ask designers to create a theme that matches your brand identity. This will help you increase your brand awareness and recognition. Note: There is a growing trend in the fashion world to personalize logos. Some designers are removing serifs and capital letters to do this.


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