Which window replacement – Vinyl or Wood?

Which window replacement – Vinyl or Wood?

When you go for casement purchasing, the first thing in your mind comes is the material. There are many factors incorporates to make the decision, and this is one of them. Make window replacement and door repair easy with A1 Doors Repair.

Apertures provide natural light in our house. They enhance the warmth and beauty. We can feel less confined even in small rooms due to them. Moreover, they keep the house ventilated through the regulation of air.

In this blog, we’ll talk about a brief comparison of both materials, and which one you should choose under certain circumstances.

Point to point comparison

Color & finishes

When it comes to casements, vinyl and white are two parallel parameters. Usually, it is difficult for manufactures to attain a dark color that doesn’t fade. The colors like white are considered and rate more.

One of the major privileges of having wood is that its base color remains the same and doesn’t fade as it is natural.


PVC casements are most easy to upkeep. You don’t have to particularly seal them. They don’t need any kind of paint for protection. As the market says: Vinyl is fine.

To the level, they look classic, wood is the one that needs the most high maintenance out of all other types. Their exterior needs to be seal and paint. It prevents it from rotting and swelling. This doesn’t mean it should be at the time of installation. You have to paint it more frequently. The one with aluminum doesn’t have to paint.

Insulating factor

PVC openings are a poor conductor of heat and temperature. So they prevent your house from excess temperature rise. But, as they are hollow inside, cold air can pass through them.

Saplings are the best at being the poorest conductors of heat and temperature. If you live in such an area of weather extremism, try them. These casements don’t let any heat, cold inside no matter what. So they work as energy-efficient too.

  • Cost

According to remodeling’s 2020 cost vs. value report, the replacement of vinyl openings is 18% less than timber made.

You can say it cost of the beauty of nature or there are very few companies like window replacement who are manufacturing them, they are costlier out of all types. Their rates are high till now.


PVC doesn’t serve the task of a pariah in home remodeling and renovations. Nowadays, many people are considering a variety of solid colors to match the lookup of their homes.

Appearance-wise, the wood one is most attractive and gives off expensive yet tasteful vibes. They make the interior natural and sophisticated appealing. This shows the grains that can’t be attained by vinyl. They only come in solid colors.

Turn around

Polyvinyl is manufacture in plenty amount and is easy to buy at any store. There’s no shortage of them out there.

As mentioned above, their manufacturing rate is very less. Due to high demand, they cost more and difficult to access.

Resale value

There was the benefit of a 72.8% return on investment in polyvinyl apertures. Their resale value was higher on selling at home.

Somewhat less than polyvinyl, the gain over timber made openings was 68.7% return.


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