Wifi Wealth System: Is it a Scam?

Wifi Wealth System: Is it a Scam?


You might have heard of Wifi Wealth System. In fact, it may have been recommended to you by some other people, promising you great sums of money with very little effort needed.

The truth is that Wifi Wealth System did allow you to make money but it also had a lot of problems related to money you needed to spend and other tricky, somewhat shady dealings that made it less appealing. 

The good news is that Wifi Wealth System is gone but Wifi Wealth is here to stay. What is Wifi Wealth? It’s a completely new business that is completely above the board and able to help you make thousands upon thousands of dollars with truly little effort. If you want to use the internet to your advantage and actually make true money, you want to use Wifi Wealth. 

What was Wifi Wealth System?

With Wifi Wealth System, you were invited to join up for these three distinct services and goods via Wifi Wealth Systems. Once you’ve done this, you go out into the world (online or otherwise) and try to get others to do the same.

Once you had gotten the three paid services or items, the system was set up so that you could make commissions when someone else joins up to perform this selling under your name.

The whole system was built on the foundation of affiliate marketing. There was an affiliate program linked with every paid service or product that you joined up for. You were able to earn commissions if you referred someone to this.

During this time, you signed up for three different services or programs. Ebates, the Motor Club of America, and Aweber are just a few examples. However, although Ebates is free, you had to pay $19 per month for the Total Assistance MCA membership, which had to be paid in advance for a period of two months. With Aweber, the cost was $19 per month. However, the first month will be provided at no additional cost.

The cost to get started with this system was $40 per month on an ongoing basis until you reach 2000 members, at which point the price increased. The first purchase for the system was $40, which included two months at MCA. After that, the charges increased, which was not a smart business strategy. Why should you have to pay upfront when you can pay later?

After you completed all of the necessary preparations, you were able to begin purchasing advertisements. The downside was that you had to spend more money up front with no assurance that your efforts will be successful.

So, how did the Wifi Wealth System work? 

Solo advertisements was used to promote this system, which were purchased by you. They were used to request that people who have huge email lists distribute your message to the persons on their lists. Finding other individuals who are interested in generating fast money online was sthe ultimate purpose of Wifi Wealth System.

The mail that was created provided a link to your affiliate account with the Wifi Wealth system. If someone clicked on the link and signed up, you got $1.50. While this sort of approach provided some revenue as long as you were able to generate visitors, it is not, in the views of many, a long-term solution.

What were the three companies that you would be affiliated with when using Wifi Wealth Systems?


If you’ve never heard of Ebates, it’s a free cash back website where you sign up and then purchase online or via the app to get cashback.

Ebates includes a referral program, which allows people to earn $25 for each person they suggest after they’ve spent $25, and they receive $10 for each person you refer.

Ebates compensated users regardless of whether they were a member of Wifi Wealth System or not if they introduced individuals to Ebates with their referral link.

Motor Club of America

Another referral program that Wifi Wealth Systems encouraged its users to be a part of was Motor Club of America, or MCA.

Like many referral programs, you had to spend some money to make some with MCA. First and final month’s fees of $39.90 and $19.95 are included in MCA’s benefits packages. Users have to pay them every month from here on out.

To reiterate, Anji Long will get $80 for each individual who joins up as a result of referring them to this package.


You might not have ever heard of Aweber but it’s one of the affiliate programs that your Wifi Wealth System would encourage you to sign up for.

Aweber is a one-stop-shop for all of your email marketing needs. It depends on how many individuals you have on your guest list to decide how much money you’ll be spending. A 30-day free trial is available, but after that, you’ll be required to choose a subscription plan. If you just intend to have 500 people on your list, the monthly fee will be $19. If you anticipate having 500 to 2500 individuals on your list, the monthly fee will be $29, and so on.

It is worth noting that Anji Long will get $5.70 for each month of service if you choose to pay $19.

What is Wifi Wealth?

It is very important that you understand Wifi Wealth is not the same as the Wifi Wealth System. Now that you know how the Wifi Wealth System worked, you will be able to see just how drastically different it is from Wifi Wealth.

Indeed, Wifi Wealth is a completely new business and has literally nothing to do with Wifi Wealth System. While many people complained about the costs associated with Wifi Wealth System, you will not hear the same complaints about Wifi Wealth, which is in the business of finding you ways to generate strong revenue streams via the internet.

The founders of Wifi Wealth think that nothing feels much better than the sense of security that comes with having financial independence. The primary goal of Wifi Wealth is to assist people in achieving economic independence and, as a result, achieving a safe and nurturing environment in their lives.

The founders of Wifi Wealth, Brycen and Jerrika, set out to answer the number one issue that most modern individuals face today: how to keep their head above water financially. They have over two decades of business experience. Brycen and Jerrika decided that at a time when it is getting more difficult to just survive, this is the ideal place for them to put their efforts.

Brycen and Jerrika devised a number of different avenues for earning money online after defining their purpose and objectives. After that, they went one step further by ensuring that any service they gave would be essentially hands-free, requiring their consumers to invest minimal time in it. This is called passive income and it’s one of the biggest ways that people make money nowadays. 

What does Wifi Wealth Provide?

Instagram Growth

Anyone looking to transform an Instagram account into a successful company should turn to Wifi Wealth for assistance. 

With the help of their service, Instagram hopeful can get followers, establish a reputation, and generate residual money with relative simplicity. Wifi Wealth can supply people with as many followers as they want, a key to becoming a major Instagram star. Wifi Wealth coaches with experienced mentors who understand the ins and outs of creating a profitable brand. 

Wifi Wealth provides the connections and expertise that will propel all social media to the top of the search results. Marketers will benefit from the company’s access to highly targeted consumers. Anyone aspiring to be an Instagram celebrity will have a fantastic chance to expand their reach and impact with the use of Wifi Wealth. They instruct people on how to get access to people, places, and opportunities that might otherwise be unavailable to them. Then they demonstrate how to make use of newly discovered chances in order to achieve maximum success.

Being successful on Instagram is one of the best things any company or influencer can hope for. With Wifi Wealth, the dream of being an Instagram sensation will become a reality.

Amazon FBA

Wifi Wealth can help people use the money-generating potential of the world’s greatest online marketplace, Amazon, to their advantage. Over the years, Amazon has become a monster when it comes to making money. People are running businesses through Amazon that are making them all of the revenue they could imagine. And with Wifi Wealth, you will learn all the tricks of the trade to make your Amazon FBA business thrive.  

There are many people that fail in eCommerce because they don’t have the time, expertise, or experience to avoid the dangers that are there. Wifi Wealth is a comprehensive package that covers all bases. You will get everything you need, including listing optimization to attract thousands of customers to your store, hands-off customer support, comprehensive inventory management, your own branding and trademark protection, and much more.


If you are looking to find a form of passive income to grow your bank account and provide a relaxed, comfortable lifestyle, you should look no further than Wifi Wealth. They are full of solely smart, effective ways to create money that is easy to earn. No scams, no gimmicks, nothing but professionals who know how to master the internet and turn it into a source of price and money for you. 

When you are ready to earn the money you deserve with no hassle or pain, contact Wifi Wealth to book a meeting today.


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