Why your lone workers really need extra safety solutions

Lone worker protection and safety is a top priority issue for employers and business owners. The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act and the Health and Safety at Work Act say the following: employers and business owners have a legal obligation to protect their workers. Lone workers are more vulnerable to violence and aggressions as they are frequently working by themselves. This has an effect on their wellbeing and mental health. It also has a cascading impact on workplace effectiveness and stress. Managers have a duty of care to guarantee they are doing their best to provide their employees with appropriate tools and measures.

Do you need to provide your lone workers with safety alarms? If you employ workers who usually carry out their duties alone, this might be something you have already asked yourself but are not yet close to getting a proper answer. A lone worker alarm can help at-risk employees feel protected no matter what. Lone worker alarms usually come with GPS location and wireless charging. Whenever a lone worker finds himself or herself in a dangerous situation and requires assistance, the alarm can be activated. This will send an instant alert to the authorities.

Lone working is hazardous and risky. Thus, the safety of your lone workers will need more consideration than the rest of the employees who usually work amongst colleagues or in a fixed location. The following lines will hopefully provide some input in your decision to acquiring a lone worker alarm device.

Understanding lone workers

The term “lone worker” applies to those workers who work partly or entirely on their own. This can actually be out of their usual field or also on their own in a fixed location. They are lone workers as long as they are far away from colleagues, co-workers and supervisors. It’s a term frequently used when speaking about occupational health and safety.

We can find lone working roles in a large number of industries. For example banking, real estate and healthcare.

As per the current regulations, workers who are expected or specifically asked to work alone or away from other onsite colleagues need to be guaranteed a safe working environment. It will be an environment where their safety is a priority for the organisation.

Most common hazards and risks encountered by lone workers

  • Accidents arising out of poor access to first aid or emergency assistance.
  • Poor provision of hygiene, rest and employee welfare facilities such as toiletry facilities.
  • Exposure to physical violence from clients, providers, members of the public or intruders.
  • Feeling ill suddenly.
  • Increased risk of mental health issues.
  • Work pressure, work related harassment and exposure to workspace violence. All of these are important causes of work-related mental health issues.

Are your employees often expected to be by themselves onsite?

Is your answer yes? Then all lone workers need to be provided with a protection system or device. This system needs to be worn at all times. And it needs to be able to track their location. As the manager, you are responsible for their safety. A lone worker monitoring solution can truly be a peace-of-mind tool. Both for business owners and their personnel. Workers without a fixed location or those who usually travel around by themselves face a different set of risks. They must be offered specific protection for their safety.

Increasing lone worker’s safety with an alarm safety device

Worker safety needs to be the top priority for all workspaces and businesses. Especially if employ lone workers. It is the duty of care for all employers and business owners to safeguard their staff have the confidence to carry out their job and feel fully safe.

Supervisors and businesses implement lone worker solutions for their solitary or lone workers in accordance with current regulations and laws. Lone worker devices provide security assurance for members of the staff. Particularly to those who work alone. Or where they are often ‘out-of-reach’ of other colleagues or supervisors. You need to put together a bespoke safe working environment. And it needs to include the installation of panic alarms.


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