Why Is My Ice Cream Not Freezing In My Ice Cream Maker?

Commercial Ice Cream Maker Uk

Ice cream is one tricky desert. You can over whip the batter nor place it warm inside the churning chamber. You cannot even over-churn the ice cream and turn it loose and fluffy. Keep it creamy and thickened, before you freeze it. The commercial ice cream maker UK in stores and cafés are always processing ice cream in high levels of cold. They churn it at optimum level and then the ice cream is scooped into the different sectioned bowls to choose from. 

The Major Reason Why

When you are making homemade ice cream in the ice cream appliance, there some common mistakes people make. Either these can be putting the ice cream batter warm at room temperature in the churning chamber or the mixing bowl is not cold. You need to keep the churning bowl solid cold and the ice cream batter should be cold as well so it can freeze again with air bubbles this time. Churning is an important step and there can be no mistake during this process. Keep an eye on the ice cream, as it freezes after both of them cold enough. 

The Churning and Freezing Mistake 

Your ice cream is not freezing because it is forming those crystalline lumps from freezing! Keep the churning chamber stone cold and then add the ice cream to break the ice crystals into tinier crystals as the ice cream moves inside the chamber. Once the ice cream is churned nice and even, you can feel that creamy melt in your mouth, as you taste it. 

Tips so Your Ice Cream Freezes Perfect 

You would hate it if your ice cream separates the milk and freezes into solid. Whip it nice and even, then mix all the pure cream, butterfat, bananas, or egg yolks for fluffiness and condensed milk inside the bowl with a rubber spatula. 

Freeze the Mixing Bowl before Churning 

While you are doing so, keep the mixing bowl in a freezer below 4 C degrees temperature for perfection later on. Next thing is to freeze the batter for a couple of hours so it softens. Put it again in the frozen mixing bowl and churn the ice cream to give it that volume texture. 

Some machines have a limited time set up for churning and stop automatically so your ice cream does not over-churn. Make sure to stay with the churning ice cream so it does not become a soft serve instead of the buttery smooth scoop. 


As it is a chilled dessert, it needs high colder temperatures to form. Ice cream recipes do mention the freezing part where people forget to freeze the bowl first. The ice cream is not ready right after mixing the ingredients and freezing it for some hours. Churning is an important process and it needs yet another cold chamber to keep the ice cream cool and perfect. 

This was about how your ice cream is not freezing in your ice cream machine. 


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