What was the first Lego set?

What was the first Lego set?

As the Lego information provider and living in the era of mechanical and lightening Legos you might be astonished about the facts of the history. So, let’s explore what was the first Lego set? And the origins of the company that how it made its way to the top of the toy industry. 

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How did Lego start?

You can get detailed information about the history and origins of the Lego bricks from our blog articles. However, giving you precise knowledge about the company it all started by Ole Kirk Christiansen a carpenter who turned into ruins and then he decided to go for the toy industry. 

By 1932, the operations were fully operated and the wooden toys were also introduced which quickly gained the market of toys. However, soon after the big fire of the wooden industry the son of the original owner converted the industry into plastic Lego toys. And this is how the perpetual series of the automatic aligning bricks were started and the creations of this date are just mind-blowing. 

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The controversy of the first Lego set:

There is some controversy in the statements of the first-ever Lego set out there. The reason for the confusion was the burst of the early designs which has just lack of functionality and perfection. Soon after 1955, the company introduced the bundle of sets to make it cover for the poorly designed Lego bricks of the last series. 

So, let’s just disclose the first-ever Lego set which was accepted by the customer and chosen as one of the first-ever Lego sets with corrections. The number of the set is 234 which is the Lego system garage with the alignment of the automatic door. This set was evolved and re-released by 1957 which was also another successful Lego toy set.  

This set was perfected by the automated door which was open and closed by the spring attached to the garage bricks with the perfection of bricks. It was simple yet one of the most interesting ones.

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Sci-fictional Saga first ever Lego set:

The Star Wars and the Lego have a long and lasting relationship. With the release of Star Wars in the nineties, the Lego company did not waste the second of its time and started making the whole series and different Minifigures of the Star Wars. This happened in 1999, the Star Wars sets have become one of the major contributors to the popularity of the Lego sets of that time. 

Lego company is still not lacking behind in making the recent and upgraded versions of the Star Wars sets and saga series. The perfection, creative featuring, and the perfect interior and Minifigures have to make the enthrall and engagement of the customer to date. Even today the recent Star Wars sets of the starship are considered as one of the biggest and highly sold Lego sets. I hope you have gained just perfect information on What was the first Lego set? 


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