What To Look For In Sunscreen

What To Look For In Sunscreen

As important as sunscreen is, knowing what to look for in a sunscreen product is just as important for maintaining truly healthy skin. A sunscreen having a high SPF does not mean it’s the best, but we will explore the qualities that do make sunscreen products better than others.

Basics To Look For In Your Sunscreen

According to FDA (Food & Drug Administration) regulations, sunscreens are required to adhere to some basic requirements, such as UV ratings and a minimum shelf life, but that’s not what you should be looking at when determining your next purchase. 

The point of sunscreen is to block the absorption of UV rays, but it also matters what the formula uses to do so. Titanium Dioxide and other chemicals that are commonly used in sunscreen formulas may be carcinegous to humans if inhaled or ingested, but micro-absortion is also a factor in these products. 

For anyone who is health conscious and prefers the safer side of things, it’s best to start by looking for a non-nano sunscreen formula. These non-nano formulas are typically organic, so they will be a bit more expensive, but the ingredients used in these products prevent the absorption of sun-blocking chemicals into the skin. In turn, users can stop microabsorption and mitigate their exposure to carcinegous components. If you see Titanion Dioxide on the bottle, you may want to think twice!

After scanning potential products for harmful chemicals, it’s time to look at what else they can do for your skin. 

Sunscreens That Do More

For those who are not enticed by the non-carcinegous nature of organic products, there are plenty of other benefits. Organic sunscreens offer nourishment with every application, which helps your skin recover from those heavy-sun days while they are happening. There is nothing more refreshing than having your skin feel good after a long day outdoors. 

Coconut oil, vitamin-E oil, shae butter, and locally sourced beeswax help brands like this pack an abundance of nutrients and minerals into each product, which have fantastic benefits for your skin. Some organic products even include neem oil, which repel insects while protecting you from the sun. 

If you want something basic, you can return to looking at off-the-shelf products, but you have made it this far because you care about the health and complexion benefits that other mixtures boast. Labels like “non-nano”, “certified organic ingredients”, and “Titanium Dioxide free” are always your friend when researching sunscreens.

Natural Is Best

When it comes to sunscreen and other skincare products, organic is your best option every time. Keep in mind there may still be ingredients that you cannot recognize or pronounce, like Polyhydroxystearic Acid and Caprylic/capric Triglyceride, but those substances are needed to safely protect your skin. 

In addition to the health benefits you recieve when using organic products, it’s crucial to look at the difference that organic ingredients can make for your skin. With a premium natural sunscreen product, you can achieve glowing, radiant skin, even after long days in the sun. 


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