What Makes The Deck Oven So Flexible?

Deck Oven

When you want to buy a commercial oven, there are umpteen options available to you. From spacious patio ovens to conveyor ovens, there is a wide range of oven options. But the kind of vitality that deck oven holds for a commercial kitchen is unmatchable. Therefore, it is one of the popular choices of people for their commercial kitchen. 

What is a Deck Oven?

It has got the name Deck from the way this oven is used to bake food; The food is put onto a deck that cook food. For commercial kitchens, the deck ovens have multiple interior racks, which mean more decks, on which any food that has to be cooked is placed for cooking. 

It is a type of oven that uses radiant heat and conduction to bake food. The backing surface, or the deck, is the heat-producing element in these ovens. A deck is formed from different materials like ceramic, natural stone, or composite hearth. The heat stores in the deck, and it radiates heat throughout the oven’s cavity. The radiant heat produced from the deck or hearth of the oven results in fast and easy cooking as the infrared heat waves enter the food item and cook it evenly and properly. 

Today, a deck oven is considered an essential element of artisan bakery because it produces high-quality bread products that no other commercial or domestic oven can produce. The heating element in the bottom of the cavity makes this oven an ideal option for pizzas as well. Because it helps in backing crispy and crunchy base and a juicy topping of a pizza. 

What makes the deck oven so flexible?

There are many attributes of this oven that make it one of the most flexible commercial oven options. Following are the key attributes:


The stylish and functional design of the oven is one of the contributing factors to its flexibility. It does not have lots of moving parts, neither does it have moving trays that make it inconvenient to use and are prone to damage. Additionally, these ovens have a three-phase electric functionality. It has three alternating currents, which are more reliable than single-phase ovens.  

Vapour tube technology:

Vapour tube technology is one of the advanced features in a deck oven. This technology is used to convert water into steam using sealed vapour tubes. The steam circulates throughout the tubes radiating its heat evenly before condensing it back into the water. Therefore, these ovens do not need any fans or any other part to deliver heat to every portion of the cavity. This feature of the deck oven enables it to offer consistent and equal heat flow to all portions.  

Energy efficiency:

It is one of the best options for saving energy; it can offer up to 70% more energy savings than other ovens. The higher energy saving quality of the deck oven is due to the vapour tube technology, that enables the oven to retain a large amount of heat even when the power is cut off. Due to this particular reason, it takes a little time to cook food than other ovens making it an outstanding commercial option to use. 


This oven is one of the most sustainable options as it guarantees a long life span while offering great savings on energy. The prices may sometimes intimidate buyers, but it must be bear that buying a deck oven is a kind of a worthy investment that will pay back a hundred times more than its price. 

Bottom Line:  

A deck oven is an efficient, durable, and highly functional commercial options. It consumes less time, thus less energy to produce more results. Therefore, for a commercial kitchen, it is a must-have appliance.

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