Best SEO Company in Bahrain

Best SEO Company in Bahrain

How do you identify a business? Of course, the name, but apart from that, this one thing helps your clients and customers keep your brand alive in their heads. The logo of your brand is an identity card. Often when we look at a logo, it seems to be made carefreely with any random miniature design representing the brand. But is it so?  

The logo is made with utmost vigilance as it might seem meaningless but carries a symbolic identity of your brand when it is about logo designing; even top seo company in Bahrain don’t prefer to take a chance. 

So what is precisely this logo, and what’s all hush about it? 

A logo is a miniature representation of a brand that hooks in your client’s mind. It is the first but could be a great impression if drafted mindfully. It helps your brand to get distinguished from the competitors and fosters loyalty. 

So, intrigued by all the facts? Then let’s get into a more profound aspect. Here are some pro tips, even if you are a beginner in designing a perfect logo: 

Size matters: 

The size of the logo matters a lot. It should be scalable on all platforms. You have to choose the right size that can make be perfect wherever it is placed. It should be for the apt for billboards, business card size and other platforms. It shouldn’t be so small to understand and should be as significant to be awkward.  

Keep it simple, clean and relevant: 

Most people often complicate their logo to make it look more professional. But does it look that way? Have you ever noticed that all these big-shot brands have really simple logos? For a glance, let’s look at Audi’s logo in four simple circles; BMW has the simple initial of BMW and so on. The reason that they have simple logos is that simple designs hook the mind around it.  

Cleanliness makes your design clearer. The logo should also be relevant to the business. You can choose the initials of your brand name or any symbol that depicts your business. 

Use one font family: 

Fonts matter a lot. Trying multiple fonts in a single logo isn’t a good idea. It would make the design look clumsy and untidy. This is not good for your logo to look confusing. Also, when you use unrelated fonts, your logo looks like a piece of unrelated elements with no connection. 

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Create logo design in black and white: 

Anyways black and white is a classic combination. Be it photographs; the B&W filter is considered to be classic. Sketches are also much liked in the same version. Similarly, the black and white theme in the logo design also makes a clear impact on the people. The black and white-themed logo looks classy and professional and makes your logo look connected.  

Do not use images: 

Images mage logo looks congested. When images are utilized in symbols, the qualities that make for a good, brandable logo design are negated. Photographs can make it challenging for your audience to associate with your business and increase the risk of your logo being too generic. 

Create logos in vector format: 

A vector file is typically defined as a small, scalable, and editable image that allows designers complete freedom in graphic design and illustration. As a result, vector images are ideal for graphics like company logos, banner ads, and other design images that frequently need to be scaled. 

Vector graphics are composed of many separate, scalable objects specified by a mathematical equation. These equations generate a series of geometric forms rather than pixels, resulting in a non-resolution-dependent image. This allows your designer to resize yours without losing image quality. This is useful because your logo must be clear and visually appealing in various settings and scenarios. 

Don’t use shadow: 

Shadows, if not placed accurately, can create a lot of confusion in the design. It might also have an impact on the legibility of your logo. You want your logos to be distinct enough to be recognized from afar. Drop shadows, for example, can create a “blurry,” 3D illusion that makes your eyes strain to understand what they’re seeing. 

Placement is the key: 

If you have all the good elements for your logos but can’t curate them into a meaningful structure, it’s a waste. Placement matters a lot. Meticulously placed elements will create a logo that will be stuck in your client’s mind.  

Make sure it looks good in all sizes: 

Now your logos isn’t restricted to just one platform. You have to present it on all the platforms. So when creating a logos, remember that it should look decent and good on every platform. It should look clear and neat. 

These are some points you should keep in mind while creating a logos for your brand or clients. Hopefully, these tips will help you even if you are a freelancer or a logos designer at a web design agency in Bahrain.  




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