What Makes a Collage Maker Online Great?

Photo collages are high in demand. People are using collages in a range of advertisements. Businesses are taking advantage of collages to highlight their products and services. Due to the popularity of collage makers, there are hundreds of tools available on the internet.

From free collage makers to paid versions, there are many options available to you. Therefore, sometimes it’s difficult to find the best collage maker online. When it comes to free collage maker online, you should try this tool. Promo is a quality editor that offers professional-looking collages.

Regardless of a paid or free collage maker, there are some factors that highlight the quality of the tools. If you want to know what makes a collage maker great, you have come to the right place. We will discuss the essentials of a high-quality online collage maker.

User-Friendly Interface

A collage maker should be extremely easy to use, instead of offering complex controls. However, it doesn’t mean that it lacks some of the required options.

When starting to make a collage, it should be easy to find the right template or design. Every option must be available at the right location. It will save users time and ensure they continue using the collage maker online.

Great Templates

A photo collage maker is mostly useless without templates. People want excellent templates to make collages easily. Besides conventional templates, there must be innovative layouts.

Photo collages are highly popular on social media platforms. It means that a collage maker must have various social media templates. For instance, you should be able to make a Facebook cover collage in perfect resolution with a predefined template.

Custom Layouts

Customization is the need of everyone. Regardless you want to make a personal or business collage, you often need custom layouts at some point. Instead of forcing people to use predefined layouts, there must be some custom options.

With a little tweaking, people should be able to get a perfect layout that suits their need. A collage maker with custom options is bound to succeed.

Powerful Editing Functions

Gone are the days when people used to upload captured photos without any editing. Now, everyone wants to play with their pictures to enhance their quality. From increasing brightness to using modern filters, there must be a range of tools to improve pictures.


While making a collage, you often need to crop on a detail. Apart from cropping, you must be able to rotate and shuffle your captures. It is essential to have a drop shadow option to give it a realistic look. Moreover, users should be able to enhance photo collages by using effects. In short, a collage maker must give you access to modern photo editing tools.

Exciting Borders

A photo collage is never complete with an elegant border. From funky to plain borders, there must be many options available to users.

Borders define the tone of a collage. When you use a plain border, it gives a professional look to your photo collage. On the other hand, people use a variety of funky borders in personal collages to easily capture the viewers’ eyes.

Variety of Stickers

Stickers are everywhere. From social media to professional websites, there are options to add stickers in comments, blogs, etc. People use stickers to convey emotions in a modern way.

When it comes to a high-quality collage maker online, it must allow you to add as many stickers as possible. More importantly, it should give access to a lot of modern stickers. Many collage makers even allow you to create a custom sticker. It is a great idea to maintain exclusivity while following the trend.

Text Adding Tool

Most of the time, a picture is incomplete without a description. To convey your message properly, you need to add text to the image. It is a common feature available in almost every photo editor. However, many collage makers lack this feature, which becomes the reason for their downfall.

While creating a tool, it is essential to consider every need of the audience. A collage maker can’t be considered a great tool if it lacks the basic feature of adding text to a picture.

Sharing Your Collages

Once you have made a photo collage, what’s next? Of course, you want to share it somewhere. Most probably, your target is a social media website.

Would you prefer to share it directly from the collage maker? Or do you want to download it, open the website and upload it there? The first option sounds better.

An effective tool should allow you to manage everything from a single place. Hence, a great collage builder should make it easy to share collages on various platforms.

Conclusion on What Makes a Collage Maker Online Great

Social media websites are bursting with photo collages. Instead of adding a lot of pictures, people prefer to add one image that contains all photos. It makes managing and responding to comments much easier.

When looking for a great collage maker online, you should consider its speed. On a reliable connection, it must have a short response time. You shouldn’t have to wait forever to get your final image.

Apart from speed, it must allow you to add text, emojis, and other effects to your image. It is a waste of time to use one editor to enhance pictures and then use another tool to make collages. Lastly, you must be able to share the final image conveniently.


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