What is the Safest Arab Country for Tourism?

Arab Country for Tourism

There are over more than 50 Islamic countries and Arab countries in the Emirates and Gulf areas. The people are known for their culture, popular language, restaurants and luxurious hotels. Most importantly, their safety and native people. Cheapest Umrah packages UK to Saudi Arab are available online. Some Muslims travel with in-between stops to other Muslim countries as well. There are five primary safest countries to travel to this year, which have no compromise on providing security to their tourists and travelers.


The safest city of Doha, also known as the capital of Qatar, is the most secure place to visit. Qatar is one of the wealthiest developed countries globally, and it attracts thousands of travelers for its enriched beauty and sophistication. The country is famous for its spectacular dunes and tropical deserts with scenic landscapes. The country’s favorite sites and glorious cities are praised for illegalizing drug laundry and minimizing violence. The level of criminal cases is deficient, especially for its tourists. There are severe penalties and prison sentences in the country for drug dealing and terrorism. Qatar is highly popular for its high economic status due to its finest oil reserves known worldwide

UAE (United Arab Emirates) 

People worldwide love to pay a visit to UAE for its famous hotel resorts and tourist attractions. Dubai is popular for its tall skyscraper buildings and posh shopping malls. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the two most beautiful sites of the UAE. The best point here is that the city is clean, rich, and full time monitored and safest due to the minor crime rate than the regions around. UAE is a safe and sound state with thousands of tourists. More than 88% of the population living in Dubai are foreign travellers. People find UAE protected enough to live there as well. 


Popular for being the fourth safest country globally, Oman is famous among many solo female travellers, students who go for higher education and people who are selected for jobs there. Oman has the lowest crime rate, and there are sporadic cases of threats, violence or terrorism. The native people of Oman are warm, welcoming and fond of travellers worldwide. There is a high-security rate all over the country, and foreigners feel contented on travelling alone and with tour trips and troops. 


Another haven to be, Jordan is home to many historical architectural masterpieces. Unlike the war zones around Jordan, it has maintained a sound reputation of security in the Middle East. The country is famous for letting refugees and welcoming them with open arms. The people of Jordan are kind and peaceful. The travellers who are in love with ancient serenity and searching for an aura of peace would comparatively visit Jordan more times than many other places. 

It mainly depends upon how the country welcomes its travellers and tourists from across the seas. These countries have given peace and safety a major priority. 

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