What Is the Longest Uber Trip Ever?

Uber Trip

Calling Uber is an excellent option for most individuals to traverse the city to meet a sudden deadline or receive an economical journey home after the night on the city. Some individuals, however, are considering many other places! The duration of some Uber trips may be genuinely unexpected whether they are purposefully aiming to break a record or have a long way to travel. In Uber underpaid wages claim, you might also have a right to compensation including such minimum wage and vacation pay if you are an Uber driver and the employment lawsuit experts can help.

So how long can Uber rides be longer? Today, we will look at the Uber ridings that have been recorded for the longest distance and classify them. We’ll also uncover some intriguing information regarding what caused these customers to ride Uber so long, and how the trips were going!

Ride No. 1 Of About 2,256 Miles

The longest ride ever reported was by Anthony and MrBeast. YouTube personality MrBeast was known to do a few unforgettable antics, like handing a stunning $10,000 random pizza supplier in tips only for a day to go. In 2017, he established his record for the longest journey ever made by Uber, and an Uber driver called Anthony was pleased to assist him to achieve his objective.

Anthony was characterized as “cool and serene” during his trip when driving the YouTube Star to Los Angeles, California from North Carolina. The entire voyage cost a total of $5,500, however, the whole journey was financed by the Quidd app. Rumour is that he offered another strong tip to Anthony to make the journey worth his time! It is worth it!

Uber driver Anthony said he was a truck driver for the business sector, which is why the lengthy travel was so accessible to him.

Ride No. 2 Of 680 Miles

Three businessmen from Hong Kong, China, flocked to Texas just for a hopeless postponement and a final cancellation of their trip to Tennessee–they thus opted to take an Uber instead of them. Brent Pfieffer has taken the position, prepared for a close deadline to face the increased task. The travellers arrived in Texas Sunday morning, and at noon on Monday, they desperately met in Nashville!

Pfieffer added that, other than being slightly annoyed by the lack of flight and the loss of its baggage, his passengers were in a comfortable mood. They spoke sufficient English to speak for a significant part of the tour.

It took more than 11 hours to go from Houston to Nashville, including a couple of breaks along the road. Pfieffer thinks it was a great journey to make, all in all! Brent Pfieffer anticipated to make around $800 for his journey when he accepted his part in the fare, and after dealing with his passengers he also gained something from fuel expenses.


The official information on the longest journeys is published on itself (uber), we may never know for sure who’s the winner; perhaps a trip from Colorado to California may be the one Jones could have done. We never know what those consumers thought, too. In these two circumstances, they may have done considerably less money for the journey by air, rail, or bus.


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