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What is SHO? Strong Holding Offering: A fundraising medium

Ever wonder how one can raise funds for its early-stage crypto project? We have discussed it lots of times that people are turning to their new projects to get built on Blockchain technology. This not only helps to grow your new start-ups but also helps in gathering crowdfunding, to raise funds many investors seek help towards many crypto launchpads that have been highly popular these days due to their initial level of support to any new projects or launching new cryptocurrencies.

Now, what is the correlation between the Crypto launchpad and a Strong fundraising mechanism? We will be understanding it completely based on some terms and concepts. If you are interested in bitcoin trading visit crypto bnb .

What is SHO?

Strong Holder Offering, a new mechanism or a strong mechanism to follow the lead to get more funds for our projects, is a concept that works on the theory of funding the projects through the hands-on selected investors.

These investors then contribute to the process by dominating their on-chain activities and data sets; this concept of SHO gives a path to any new project to attract investors who are already the token holders of some popular cryptocurrencies.

What is an SHO model?

The SHO model is the concept for targeting public investments which could bring some help to the new projects launched in the crypto space.

Also, you can get help through active liquidity providers who have been holding coins or the assets of strong competitors, which would not only help you to get the decentralized exchange for storing the fund.

But it will also help you to create a greater transactional volume for more than 5 million dollars. It acts as a dual benefactor for the projects and those investors who are categorized as the strong holders of digital assets for a long time.

What are the Guidelines of SHO?

The guidelines of SHO to qualify for the registration of SHO whitelisting are given as follows, you can simply win a ticket or can contribute some funds from a different wallet.

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Here are the main guidelines of SHO related to your qualification, there are three rounds of SHO that you have to participate in overall:

  • 150000 USD Merit Holder Round

Now under this guideline, you have to sign up for a chain analysis where participants sign in through their wallets and wallets are categorized with DAO token Holdings.

  • 15000 USD Community round

The community is for Yield Protocol community members, the Participants have to fill this form to get qualified.

  • 35000 USD Gate. i.o Round

Under this round, the distribution of tokens will be done proportionally and the DAO tokens will be locked for seven-period, now the timelines and details of the participants will be shared with the users to have the active number of participants.

How to participate in the SHO round?

Now after getting certified for the SHO round, like you have filled the form, has also cleared all the tiers, now you have to pass three more assessments of SHO:

  • Merit Round Criteria

Under the criteria, to be a DAO token holder, photos of DAO holdings are displayed after the sign-in process, for which you will need at least 500 DAO tokens.

The link that was used for registration gets activated at the time of the scheduled event, also there are a total of 300 winning tickets.

For this, there are five levels of Tranches starting from 500 -999 DAO to 10,000 and above DAO.


SHO is the crowdfunding model which ensures the active participation of the members and aims at growing the percentage of the allocation spots within the scheduled timeline, so that more and more participants may join the hub.

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