What is RSS? Top RSS Software You Can Use to Create It

RSS Software

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary depending on the version of RSS. It is also termed as feed or RSS feed. Earlier, users had to bookmark and visit the sites manually. But RSS software enables users to have a regular insight from their favourite blogs or websites. It keeps the track of all updates in one place. A huge number of web users are using RSS software as a tool to create a feed. It automatically collects updates from several websites and shows the updates on an RSS feed. There is no need to go to each site to check any updates. RSS also enables bloggers and content writers to send their content so that people can read from their customized RSS feed.

How Does RSS Work?

Publishers publish their latest content in the XML file. It contains the whole content and all the information about the author, category, date, etc. This XML file can be read with the help of RSS software. Consequently, it updates the feed of the user. Software used to read the XML file are also called RSS Feed Reader Software. There is several RSS software available through which users can fetch the data.

What Are the Pros of RSS?

For Publisher:

Publisher can get a reasonable number of followers and subscribers. The publisher does not need to worry about the marketing of his content. Eventually, the publisher gets some loyal followers who will promote the content on social media. The content becomes portable as subscribers can save the reading list. Thus, this reading list can be read by the reader in offline mode.

For Reader:

The reader does need to check the website each time. The new updates will be readily available on the reader’s RSS feed. There is no need of remembering and bookmarking website URLs. A reader can receive all the updates in one place. It saves the time of reader by organizing and categorizing the favourite news, articles, blogs, to mention a few in a single place. The reader can customize the RSS feed. Furthermore, a reader can give feedback by commenting on the respective content of the publisher.

Top RSS Software You Can You to Create It:

According to a dissertation writing firm, readers can use a feed reader to subscribe themselves with the RSS feed for all the updates.  There are some RSS software available for all devices and common operating systems. Following are the top RSS software that one can use.


First, Feedly is the most popular RSS software available in the market to read feeds. In addition, it offers most of the features free of cost. Furthermore, it offers feeds bases on the interest of the reader. It offers a mobile application for Android and IOD devices along with the Web. Therefore, a reader can read it at home and on go.  It provides an enhancing and soothing reading experience. It incorporates images to make it engaging and creative. There are several layouts available for customization. It also provides keyword alerts from Google Alerts.


Second, Innoreader is among the best mobile online RSS software. It is easy to use for the readers. It offers effective search features to save the time of the reader. It reduces the fatigue of the reader by offering quick skimming of the updates. It is the best option for the mobile application for the readers. It can also assist the reader in providing and tracking keywords. It maintains the list of web pages saved for later. 

The Old Reader:

Third, The Old Reader is another reader to be used for fetching the RSS feeds of publishers. It allows you to subscribe to up to 100 RSS feeds for free of cost. It provides the best social media support. The reader can know about his/her friends by connecting The Old Reader with social media accounts. It has a user-friendly and interactive interface. However, it has no mobile application.


Fourth, Feeder is unique as it also offers an RSS feed browser extension for readers. It facilitates the reader by subscribing to a feed of his/her interest while browsing. The extension is available for both Safari and Google Chrome. Hence, it is accessible for both Android ad IOS users. It also offers to make folders for the organization of the content.

News Blur:

Fifth, News Blur offers the incorporation of third-party that makes it unique among others. It is available for both mobile and web. It offers free subscriptions to up to 64 sites. Furthermore, it keeps the original style of content for the readers. The reader can customize the interface by categorizing, liking, hiding and tagging stories.

To conclude, RSS software have facilitated both publishers and readers. It has shared the extra burden on them by establishing an automated link among them. Publishers with a low budget must take advantage of RSS software to promote their content free of cost. It can provide them with genuine and loyal followership. Moreover, readers can save time by getting the updates in a single place.


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