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What is OKCoin: A Globally Licensed Exchange of China or a Scam?

Blockchain has introduced several digital exchanges and many digital creators have come together to create a future digital space for crypto technology. Now, as we know China is the leading country in the name of digitalization, it has always created many digitized versions of real-world objects and has moved the world towards the path of invention and tech, likewise, Its largest digital Crypto platform Okcoin was created with the same purpose that we will be discussing here to get a clear point of view about Chinese fiat trading and its reliability with the cryptocurrencies. If you are interested in bitcoin trading check how bitcoin could make world a better place .

What is OKCoin?

OKCoin is the biggest digital crypto exchange in the world that has garnered enough attention from the entire world’s digital developers because it was the third type of medium that facilitated crypto trading. Now, OKCoin is a digital platform that uses digital asset trading platforms, to make crypto trading easily feasible by any user and to expand its outreach to the outer world. Due to its popular growth, many financial institutions are pressuring it to keep it under regulation due to the kind of financial services it provides to its users.

When did OKCoin was created?

OKCoin was created in 2013 by star Xu company, which is a china-based company that had its headquarter in San Francisco, it also claims that it has more than 10,000 investors spread all over the 199 countries. It is a private company with some technological background, also it has a bigger user base and trading volume that allows the crypto trading with 20 top digital assets, having trading over the counter and without any slippage. OKCoin has raised 10 million funds during its two rounds of funding, and are given venture capital from China despite having such a large volume of trading and online presence, it has felt opposition from several countries like the U.S., North Korea and Crimea, Bolivia, Syria, etc., due to the unagreeable jurisdiction.

What are the features of OKCoin?

OKCoin offered more than 20000 dollars rewards through its incentive program, also it has been customized as a mobile trading app, which you can simply access from the Play store after creating your crypto portfolio.

Here are the features that OKCoin promises to display through its serviceability:

  • Buying Platform

Now, being a digital crypto platform with the purpose of asset trading, it is obvious that it has given a better chance to become a trader or buyer to its users, who want to grow and earn more.

  • Customized Mobile App

Now Okcoin has also developed a customized mobile app, that not only gives the person an easy platform to deliver and sign up through their mobile window, but also you can access this trading platform from anywhere and anytime by simply creating a crypto portfolio.

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  • Real-time Trading

Now the trading that is being provided by Okcoin is to have real-time trading where you can have the price prediction and the latest crypto news and blogs to stay updated.

  • Affiliated marketing

You can also earn by joining its affiliated program where you have to promote it using your referral code and have to support the development of the Okcoin platform.

How can one buy Okcoin from the site?

First of all, sign up for any crypto exchange wallet and then you can directly feed some coins for your active balance.

After this, you can simply link your crypto wallet with the Okcoin website and then, you can register there for making purchases or selling. Apart from this many tutorials and guidelines are offered on the site of many crypto exchanges that offer to trade for Okcoin. 

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