What is Norstrat?


Public relations, political affairs and marketing strategies are among Norstrat international advisory services. The company’s mission is to assist those with a business function or objective to integrate the required features of Canada’s Northern Strategy by providing and training resources.

Norstrat history

It was founded in 2010 by Canadian Armed Forces personnel and government officials. In other words, Norstrat was created to provide strategic consulting services tailored to specific customer needs and objectives facing the current market.

Norstrats roots are in Canada. Where it started as a small center with just one office. Since then it has expanded its services in the United States. But he still maintains an office in Canada. It is a high-level strategic consulting agency with strong government and military ties. Since then, it has grown into an integrated communications center that provides digital marketing strategies for international products, public relations, and telecommunications marketing services. They are looking to grow their business overseas. Or those who want to explore new markets in the area. Norstrat provides its clients with a range of services designed to address their specific needs and goals.

Why Norstrat has been formed?

Norstrat Consultation is designed with the specific purpose of assisting customers with a specific business purpose or legal obligation to use portions of the Canadian Northern Strategy.

In addition, this consulting is operated and owned by Lee Carson. He has held more than $ 200M in Canadian government related contracts.

This company takes care of communicating with other important aspects of their customers’ business. Their main goal was to partner with those businesses that were leading the Knowledge era and to assist them with design and development. Let us know about this company in detail.

What is Norstrat’s mission?

Norstrat was founded in 1988 by Lee Carson, a questioner who served as a senior adviser to the Department of National Services, Canada.

Norstrat’s goal is to place clients in the following image. The Northern Strategy is very broad and has many disciplines. They work with other professionals to meet your needs.

They are experts in campaign strategy and business development. The main experience of the Norstrat project is Radarsat Constellation Mission, Radarsat 2, and the Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel.

Norstrat Services

Norstrat Consulting incorporated provides excellent advice and support as a customer requirement. The services provided by this consultation are discussed below:

Provides project management support

Provides strategic business development process training

Provides recording and bid bid support

Description of the purchase strategy

Description of performance requirements

Memorandum to Cabinet

Provide project description support

Demonstrates story expertise

Provides strategic advice on your Northern Strategy campaign plan.

Norstrat Clients

The consultation assists government and industry clients with a view to being part of Canada’s Northern Strategy. They provide a service to the customers listed below:

  • Ultra Electronics Marine Systems 
  • Saab Technologies Canada (via H+K)
  • Raytheon Canada Support Services
  • Northwestel (via H+K)
  • Northrop Grumman (via H+K)
  • MacDonald Dettwiler
  • L-3 Ocean Systems
  • L-3 MAS (via H+K)
  • Calian (via H+K)
  • L-3 MariPro
  • Kraken Sonar Systems
  • Hill+Knowlton Canada
  • General Dynamics Canada
  • Deloitte
  • Cassidian
  • Canadian Light Source (via H+K)
  • Babcock (via H+K)
  • Astrium SAS
  • AlphaSights
  • Aker Solutions
  • Airbus Defence and Space
  • Canadian Space Agency (via Deloitte)
  • Canadian Coast Guard
  • Aerospace Review

How to work with Norstrat

Norstrat is a fully-fledged strategic consulting agency and marketing firm. Their in-depth industry knowledge, technical expertise, and creative thinking enable them to help startups and established products grow.

Its areas of expertise include Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Food and Beverage PR, Communication Improvement (SMO). It also includes market research, marketing strategy and Identity Design, Strategic Communications Planning, Digital Consulting.

It also has strategic partnerships with Hill & Knowlton Strategies. In other words, its clients have access to the global H&K network. It means access to more than 400 community service professionals.

Additionally, norstrat and hill Knowlton strategies work closely with customer engagement, which are easy to implement. Norstrat’s digital marketing expertise and in-depth knowledge of Knowlton’s strategies in traditional community relations.

Therefore, its services include the development of communication campaign strategies in the digital age. For example, social relationships that focus on food and beverage companies. Improving the social media platform by creating content and reaching people. Market research includes the analysis of consumer behavior using online quantitative surveys and quality interviews within specific target groups. In conclusion, it designs projects ranging from product ID packages to websites that provide information about their customer products or services. Although it also promotes emotional communication between consumers and products.

So, it is the perfect agency for your business. If you are looking to renew your marketing plans!

Additional training provides by Norstrat

Members of their team, norstrat has a training track that includes:

Leadership program

Business training programs

Professional development workshops

Advanced training program

Norstrat offers a few additional training programs and workshops. It also provides personal development training. The Partnership and Leadership Program is a nine-month course. Where participants learn about strategic forums. This allows them to make informed decisions. About whether they want to pursue this career path or not. Business Coaching Programs are focused on helping you acquire new skills.

To succeed within your chosen role within Norstrate, such as customer-oriented roles. In conclusion, they have a skills development workshop. This allows you to stay up-to-date on the latest developments. It also helps you to improve your soft skills through formal instructions and practical exercises with assigned counselors. It helps you to manage your time and work.

Which countries are provided by Norstrat?

It offers extensive consultation and referral services. Norstrat strategists can help consumers with everything from building a new rule. Our introduction of products that will promote and enforce customer acquisition and retention processes.

Norstrat strategies professional situation in the human sphere. Includes management organizations, lobbying, political strategy, movement planning / administration. And media management of the union building center. The ability of speech research to talk about a non-profit sky building with limited palaces. In some phrases local communities of color and immigrants. Norstrat Consulting incorporates invitations to achieve the best advice and benefits as customer needs. The following are the professional areas of norstrats, within their four training groups. Congratulations on this discussion are outlined below:

Prizes that make up the patent authority.

Provides strategic business development process training

Capture support and directing bids

Purchase scheme description

Description of operating regulations

Documents in cabinet

Deliverers less a matter of invention

Provides strategic information on your north-facing campaign plan that has gained activity for consumers in healthcare financial services. And the struggle with the products of pharmaceutical clients and the transportation sector.

Chronology of Norstrat

It was organized in 2010 by disbanded Canadian military officials and municipal officials. In some terms, or strat has been expanded to provide the power of communication work built in line with the special wishes and intentions of the consumer affecting the latest market.

Norstrat is based in Canada where it started out as a small agency with just one office. It has since expanded its operations in the United States and yet maintains a department in Canada. It is a strategic strategic consultation mechanism with strong government and military ties. Since then, it has concentrated on providing integrated communications to social media organizations for digital programming, as well as social media marketing services.

Looking to grow their business overseas or who need to investigate the current need in the area.

Facts about Norstrat

Norstrat headquarters are located in Canada. The company’s revenue is less than five million and has less than 25 employees.

The technologies used by this company are JQuery Migrate, Google Font API, GoDaddy DNS, WordPress.org, etc.

The company developed a system that allowed oil companies to acquire as many oil and gas deposits as possible under the ocean floor.

At the same time, Norstrat launched a new underwater search system that relied on satellite imagery. This shows which areas are under area at the moment.

They have assisted many customers with new business models in planning and developing their business growth strategies.

In addition, they have helped many large companies and organizations to get their things done on time. With the help of a think tank, they overcame those obstacles and became experts in their own area.

The company is currently in the process of approving a number of private military products.

This dialogue has become an important infrastructure for public health officials.

Mr. Carson is a respected longtime member of the Canadian Defense Community and Aerospace.

Norstrat always offers the best package to meet your needs and requirements on time.

Norstrat’s main focus is on the structures and actions of major infrastructure funded by the Canadian government.


Norstrat was founded by a coalition of Northern business leaders, officials, and the retired Canadian Armed Forces. They have taken a big step in assisting clients with their strategies and planning. So, this is all about Norstrat and if you have any questions, you can mention it in the comments section below.


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