What is Ken Nugent Net Worth?

Ken Nugent

If you are interested in ken nugent’s net worth, you’ve come to the right place. This multimillionaire attorney has five children, all of whom work for his law firm. He’s also committed to making his community a better place. Listed below are some of his children and their current occupations. Read on to learn more about their personal lives and what makes them so special. Ken Nugent’s net worth is estimated at $18 million.

ken nugent’s net worth is estimated at $18 million

Ken Nugent is an American attorney who founded his law firm in Atlanta, Georgia. He is an entrepreneur who also runs several community projects and programs. Ken Nugent is an active participant in personal injury, workers compensation, and medical malpractice cases. Ken Nugent is married with five children. He and his wife have been married for 30 years. Their children have helped their father with business endeavors, charity events, and speaking engagements.

Nugent is widely known in Georgia, where he works as an accident lawyer and co-owner of the largest law firm in the state. He founded the firm in 1980 and has expanded it to eight locations throughout Georgia. The law firm eventually grew to become one of the largest in the state, with offices in Atlanta, Savannah, Columbus, and Decatur. Ken Nugent also has children who have joined his law firm and have worked for it for many years.

he has five children

Ken Nugent has five children. Two are daughters and three are sons. His wife is not known. He has also appeared in television commercials. He is divorced. His five children have their own interests and careers. One of his daughters, Kaitlin, is an attorney at the Duluth office of the Nugent Law Firm. Another daughter, Kristie, is an executive manager. Rayan M. Horn, a personal injury and social security disability attorney, also works with Ken Nugent.

Nugent was admitted to the bar in 1980. In addition to practicing law in Georgia, he was active in his community. He founded the Georgia Classroom Scholarship and the Next Level Baseball Camp Program, and has also donated to various local schools. The Nugent Law Firm has eight offices in Georgia. Several of its offices are located in small towns across the state. The company has offices in Atlanta and in Georgia’s countryside. The children worked with their father for years.

his children work at his law firm

Ken Nugent’s net worth is estimated to be eight million dollars. Born in 1959, he was raised in Georgia by his parents, George and Marguerite Nugent. Their father, a former Army officer, served during World War II while raising their family. He was a devoted husband to Marguerite and later attended Emory University School of Law. Ken later founded his own law firm in Atlanta. His firm now has offices throughout Georgia, including in Atlanta.

Aside from working at the law firm, Ken Nugent’s children also help him with various fundraising programs and charity events. While the firm is a family business, it is important to maintain a balance between personal and professional life. Ken Nugent has become a familiar face to residents of Georgia, and his law firm is headquartered in Atlanta. The firm now has eight branches around Georgia. While the firm’s name may sound familiar, few people realize that Nugent has five adult children who are actively involved with his firm.

making the community a better place

Ken Nugent’s daughters are committed to helping the community. Kristie Nugent Horn and Kaitlin Nugent Hammill are involved with the literacy program in their community. They work to make books more accessible to children, and also speak on child literacy. They are also involved in charity events and are actively involved in the family business. In addition to their work, the Nugent daughters have taken on many other charitable endeavors.


Ken Nugent is a prominent attorney in the state of Georgia. He has founded a law firm that aggressively represents accident and injury victims, and now has eight offices throughout the state of Georgia and Alabama. His law firm employs over 200 people and employs 47 lawyers. As a native of the state, Nugent takes his commitment to the community far beyond the courtroom.



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