What is a racing coin?

racing coin

What is a racing coin?

The cryptocurrency market is always volatile. Even with the opportunity to make substantial profits but comes with a high risk with the speculation factor of the existence of whales. Since it is not yet a supported payment system, it is seen as an investment market. And many more reasons, of course; one thing that cannot be forgotten is that coins go up and down very quickly because the crypto market has no ceiling, and no market closes 24 hours a day. If you are interested in bitcoin trading, visit bitcoin-era.pl to acquire an utter guide to crypto trading.

We want to call the type of coin that goes up and down frightening. In the investor slang term ‘Zing Coin’ in Future Word, today, let’s talk about this type of coin. What is Zing Coin (also known by investors as Glue Coin)? The YouTube channel MONEY HERO has made a clip explaining this term as “coin that goes up fast, works hard”.

How to initiate investing?

If you enter at the right time, at the right time, and sell in time, you can make multiple profits. Can add thousands or ten thousand percent, listen to this. Looks attractive to invest in, right? But try to think that if everyone thinks in the same direction, they got in at the right time, got out in time, and made a profit, who wouldn’t be decadent? Of course, in the end, there will be people who lose because they come when the market fails. Many people commented that it’s like sharing a chain. Get up late, pay around the circle.

Coin Racing—after the developer releases the coin most of the time. And the first to buy, people who come to buy the following Coins must be distributed according to platform conditions, for example, to the person holding the coin before it. Please return it to the development team to increase the liquidity in the project or burn it so that the previous person will get more coins. And the price goes up as well. But those who come later will lose a portion of the coin. The number depends on the different platforms. How to design conditions

The ‘important’ thing is that crypto coins are usually issued. So developers have backup projects for reliability. Or a coin listing must have a white paper with a roadmap to tell what the coin is intended for. But this racing coin Push is a coin that has both ‘actual’ and ‘non-realistic’ projects. Basic types include other projects. Come to support the coin, But coins made intentionally or unintentionally to trick people into investing, selling, or escaping from a project, vanish; they also exist (But not every coin.)

What is SafeMoon?

Coins that are known as racing coins, such as ‘SafeMoon’, which during the past April Coin price grew past 6,000% in one month. It is a coin created for financial transactions without intermediaries. But every purchase-sale transaction will have a 10% fee deducted. The fee is allocated as 5% will be allocated to SafeMoon coin holders before 5% will be used to increase liquidity and burn the coins (burn coins is to buy back coins to reduce the number of coins in the system). Many people are concerned that One day it will lead to failure. During the past month, Coin Price Drops Over 70% Despite 25,000 More Buyers in the Last Two Weeks Until the number of occupants of SafeMoon is close to 3 million people worldwide.

In addition to the word “Zing” coin, it refers to coins that have a model similar to a chain-sharing scheme. It also referred to those popular ‘meme coins’. And can be easily manipulated by social media trends, such as Dogecoin, a coin born without any project to support it. The creators only wanted to mock bitcoins, and Tech billionaire Elon Musk took dogecoin. He tweeted a message saying He was very fond of Dogecoin, or Doge to the moon until the coin price from around 2-3 baht surpassed 20 baht in a few months. It has become one of the most traded coins around the world. Musk will push until Doge can finally use it to pay for certain goods and services.

As you can see, Coins are worthy of their name. But, of course, this article is not investment advice at all. We want to introduce the words inside. And every investment Investor must always study the information before investing.


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