42 French Tip Nails Gorgeous Designs

French Tip Nails Gorgeous Designs

France in particular has been known for its ‘French’ manicures especially French tip nails where the nails are painted with a light pink tone, but the tips are white. 

This nail design started off with cheerful shades and amusing patterns on the top but has now moved more towards the bottom. The Zoom office apparel has a good mix of both – business upstairs and party downstairs. Let’s discuss the popular French tip nails designs.

Standard French Manicure

There are a lot of really fun nail designs out there but the French nail design is a timeless look that’s super stylish. It looks best with white tips or clear polish and it’s been around for years, giving you tons of style options.

You don’t need any special equipment or training – it’s easy to make at home. But that just means you can do it in the comfort of your home, without all the fuss. And since it suits both casual and formal occasions, it’ll go well with every set!

Arty French Designs

Getting colorful, artsy French tip nails is a great way to get your creativity going. There are lots of elucidations of what brings out French designs, but one of the weighty versions is when you mix up hues and shapes. Suppose you are a fan of baby pink or mint green, use this hue of lipstick as a finishing touch 

You can make a cool style on your nails; for instance, you could do a matte S-shaped line and a white circle to represent the yin yang or make small polka dots. You are the master! You don’t need any rules for nail art.


Gold Lined French Tip Nails

Even if you don’t know exactly how a subtle addition of gold can make all the difference. Who knows – maybe our favorite historical villains knew something we didn’t!

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David Bowie-Motivated Nail Design

What do you get when your French tip nails are just about to be cut? Anxiety! That’s what these nails say! We’re here for all of your comedy needs.

Dotted Rainbow

Professional nail designers predict that light blue and jade green would be the hues to look out for this summer. It can be had by the addition of detail in a contrasting hue, which is eye-catching and can be done with a simple dotting tool.

Coffin-shaped French Nail Design 

These pumpkins are probably the type of gourd that people usually think of, but the coffin nails here are anything but! I was just kidding about them looking like ceramic pieces. They’re cold and lifeless-great for nail art though!

Mushroom-Inspired Nail Design

Who knew that rummaging and visiting the nail parlor are so similar? The only difference is a lot harder parking at the parlor, of course.

Glittery Pink

Fashionistas are loving the broad spectrum of nail colors for summer mix-and-match manicures. Have one hand with a different nail polish color on each finger, or paint all but your thumbs pink with a bright line of rosy glitter on top (it’s also a great way to add some sparkle).

Candy Cane French Tip Nails

A candy cane red theme is cute without the mess and guilt that usually accompanies it. You can stop feeling depressed when you look at your half-eaten candy canes because they’re not even here anymore.

Glossy French Tip Nails

It’s time to bring out the bling when you want some subtle nail art. Great for when you’re really thrilled about Shark Week.

Blue Butterfly French Manicure

I always got a lot of questions about my French tip nails with a cocoon design, but now it’s worth the story.

As for this summer’s hottest nail colors, I think people will be going with lighter greens, like light moss and still dark green at the tip. For the ladies who are into a nail design, try an unusual take on the French manicure. Almond-shaped nails are decorated with a forest green color in glitter finish topped off with a light mint hue.



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