What Do You Need To Know About Customer Knowledge Base Software?

customer knowledge base software

The knowledge base is the digital repository where all your knowledge is stored. A customer can have a private knowledge base with content stored by themselves that is unique to them. It is a work area where you can present your knowledge in an organized manner. You can add new content and stories to your knowledge base at any time. By using an advanced customer knowledge base software, you can help your customers become more comfortable with your products or services. You can also present multiple versions of the information which can help your customers with navigation. Well-organized content helps you a lot when you are presenting it to your customers. You can also reduce your response time to queries by using advanced knowledge base software.

When you’re in the business of selling services, your clients will probably ask you a lot of questions about the product. But what are the reasons they might have? The answer to that is a knowledge base! You can use a knowledge base as a white paper to publish statistics about your products. Also, the knowledge base can be evidence of how far you’ve come as a company, what you’ve achieved, and the reputation you’ve gained. You can also publish blog articles, and use them as a content hub. And when your clients need information about your products, you can provide that for them. Your customers don’t care about the customer support staff, but the knowledge base contains all the information they might need to help them resolve their issues.

A customer can view the information by himself or herself when he has a query. For example, the information that is easy to find. It allows you to manage your clients better and offer them prompt answers to their queries. You can expand your business by providing access to an array of products. Can be implemented with minimal technical skills, making the project cost-effective. It also enables you to tailor the content for the needs of your customers and other customers. Thus, below are some of the benefits of customer knowledge base software.

  • Keeps Your Customers Happy-Customer satisfaction is the top-most priority for any business. It is your responsibility to make sure that your clients are satisfied. A knowledge base is a key enabler for improving customer satisfaction and achieving the best possible business performance. Your knowledge base software facilitates your clients to resolve any queries easily. This also helps you in gathering positive reviews from your clients and it enhances their goodwill towards you. Every business sells its products. This is the primary source of revenue for your company. The sales made by your company are of a different magnitude, as compared to your profit. If you don’t have any knowledge base software installed, your sales will be affected as a lot of things will be missing from your knowledge base.
  • Increases Customer Retention-If your knowledge base only lists the top three or four answers to a customer’s query, you’re losing out on valuable time. Ask customers what they think and you’ll be surprised to learn that some of them might not know the correct answer. Moreover, they’re more likely to get back to you if you ask them for help and not just the information. It also provides third-party integration. Your knowledge base is also a huge tool to help your company generate new leads. By integrating it with your marketing automation tool, you can create a marketing funnel to gather more leads. Moreover, you can have a multi-channel campaign that involves your knowledge base. Let the knowledge base know if they’ve been engaging with your website for more than three days.
  • Deliver More Consistent Customer Support-Since a knowledge base is self-service, clients can directly communicate with your knowledge base and get the answers they are looking for on time. The satisfaction of customer support is dependent on the number of search queries the knowledge base handles at the same time. That means if your knowledge base handles only a few queries, your customers will experience a much smoother customer support experience. It is really hard to stay competitive in the customer service space. Because most businesses lack the budget to hire customer support staff, they resort to renting a third-party company that can respond to the queries of their customers.
  • Proactively Manage Your Customers’ Problems- One of the main reasons customers go for a third-party service provider is to avoid support issues. A knowledge base that is available in a self-service mode will enable you to quickly and effectively solve customer support issues. There is no more need to consult your support ticket system. As the knowledge base is searchable, it is a place where your clients can get answers to their queries as soon as they need them. This also eliminates the stress that customer support agents endure while in contact with a customer. Apart from solving customer support issues, you also get to add value to your product and service offering through relevant and useful content.
  • Improves Productivity- Having a knowledge base gives your clients a better experience by reducing their dependence on your company’s staff. The mere knowledge that your company has customer service professionals ready to respond to their queries or concerns offers a great sense of peace to customers. Apart from responding to their queries, having a knowledge base helps a company understand the customers and their needs. It also helps them recommend solutions based on customers’ needs and preferences. Furthermore, when companies know that their clients are happy with the products or services they have, they can keep on providing more of the same. By using a knowledge base, a company can develop products and services based on customer feedback.

The need for the digital knowledge management platform or the knowledge base software is constant. The way the technology is evolving, businesses need a single interface to manage a product or service all through the journey. Knowledge base software is rapidly becoming essential in businesses because of the ability to create intelligent searches, you will be surprised at what this tool can do for your customers.


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