What Are the Things Needed for CCTV Installation?

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Many people usually overlook the basic factors which they should have considered before installing a CCTV. They should be aware of the things which should be considered while choosing a CCTV company. Those basic things include camera size and dimensions, PSU, Amplifiers, and mounting brackets. CCTV installation Manchester can help you in giving you the best advice regarding your camera installation.

Why Is This Important?

The industry has evolved and is getting more sophisticated. You don’t have to be an expert to install CCTV these days. But to determine what you need for your security system, it helps to understand what elements are involved in its construction.

CCTV helps you in keeping your place secure without direct human supervision and surveillance. There are different types of cameras available for both indoor and outdoor locations. While installing cameras, you need to keep certain things in mind. Let us have a look at them

Proper Power Supply

The first thing that is needed for a CCTV camera installation is a proper power supply. The electric wires should be connected to the camera pins and not to any other pin. This is done for safety purposes so that the number of wires placed in a place is minimized.

The most common is the 12V DC power supply which is portable and can be tied anywhere you want. However, it is not good for protecting your investment because it has no power surge protection.

So, if you are using video surveillance for business purposes, it will be nice if you will consider buying a professional 12V DC/AC plug-in model which includes a built-in filter and spike suppression circuit.

Camera Mount

The camera mount is the part that holds the camera to its surface. When we talk about camera mounts, they are also referred to as camera brackets.

 A camera mount allows the camera to be mounted on top of objects. It plays an important role in surveillance because it controls the angle and direction of a camera.

This is true not only for regular fixed-position models but rotatable and panning ones as well.

There are different types of mounts for CCTV cameras. You can fix your camera to the ceiling or wall. Some may need a pipe hole and some might not even require one. It depends on the type of mount you are using for your camera. But no matter what type of mount you prefer, you will surely need a bracket.

If you don’t do the proper research about the right mount for your camera, it may be a flop.

Video Amplifiers

Video amplifiers are devices that are used to amplify the signal from camera to DVR so that a long cable length can be installed without dropping picture quality.

They can increase the quality of the stream while reducing the size.

Bottom Line

Cameras are a necessary tool for security system installation, but without a mount or proper power supply, these cameras are not going to be providing you with any kind of surveillance capability and may even be hurting your chances of catching intruders and criminals.

If you are installing smart security cameras in or around your home, this post will help you in achieving the correct installation.


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