Problems of WEB 2 And Solve With Lens Protocol

What are the problems with Web2 and how does Lens Protocol help in solving those problems?

Social media platforms are often criticized for their centralized structure and the control it gives them over user data. To provide users with more autonomy, Lens Protocol was founded in 2022 by renowned teams responsible for building the AAVE protocol. With its mission of giving us back our content and connections, this project is quickly gaining traction among the crypto community. In this article, we’ll get to know the problems of Web2 and how lens protocol helps in solving those problems. There are several facts and information mentioned on this page. It can teach you something.

What is Lens Protocol?

Lens Protocol is an open-source, composable social graph built on the Polygon blockchain and based on Web3. It enables developers to launch their own decentralized social media platforms and profiles that grant creators control over their interactions with networks of users while also providing them full ownership of the content they create. To better understand how Lens Protocol works, it’s important to consider some of the challenges associated with conventional (Web2) solutions so we can see where new opportunities arise.

What are the problems with Web2?

Lens Protocol is set to overcome the issues related to interacting with Web2 social media. Such platforms are centralized, meaning they can grant or remove user autonomy at will, potentially resulting in followers and content being lost unexpectedly. With Lens Protocol, users no longer need to worry about their presence on these sites as it gives them control over their data and assets. Web2 social media platforms, such as those we are familiar with today, come with certain drawbacks. To moderate comments and posts on these platforms, some forms of censorship exist – even if this occasionally results in the removal of benign content. Moreover, due to their centralized structure, users have no control over or access to their data.

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How does Lens Protocol work?

The Lens Protocol is a Web3 interpersonal graph which operates on a blockchain. It enables apprehensive individuals to very easily produce their very own social networking website for any use they want. A social graph is a structure which exhibits the links between individuals as well as groups within a social community. Whenever you make profiles, follow individuals, or create links and content to various other content, the layout is developed.

Social networking apps such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook make use of community graphs to modify written content and also offer a much better user experience for consumers, along with various other things. On the flip side, Lens Protocol incorporates community graphs into a smart contract and enables users to create their social networking platforms and communities independent of central management.

Ways in which Lens Protocol solves the Web2 problems 

The social graph associated with the Lens Protocol utilizes graph structures to hold information and link individuals, places, objects and other characteristics. These diagrams portray the members as well as interactions of the system. The majority of Lens Protocol profiles come available as NFTs. You will have contact with NFTs to link with others, and you have got an NFT which signifies your individuality. By doing this, everybody involved keeps command of their identity.

The solution enables you to manage your community and create a social graph. In this way, you can mirror others ‘posts, much like the resharing abilities of some other social networking websites. Additionally, it is easy to move people in your community inside the protocol from one social networking platform to the next. In case you are transferring from one social networking platform to the next, not like the way it functions on the Web2 social networking platforms, you do not need to begin over from zero when it concerns creating your following since you can just transport the followers over on the new platform.


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