Volunteer Programs: A Great Way to Earn Community Support

Volunteer Programs: A Great Way to Earn Community Support

With long work hours and company goals to be met, keeping staff engaged with their jobs can be difficult.   However, studies have shown that an engaged staff is more likely to be committed to their work and create positive contributions to an organization. With the statistics supporting the argument, it’s no secret that engaged employees are overall happier and mentally healthier. So, in turn, fostering employee volunteer programs is a good and affordable measure to retaining staff.

By encouraging your team to volunteer for causes they care about, your company will likely be more recognized by the community.  Ally Berggren, who leads the volunteer program at Regional West Medical Center, says, “Our volunteers are vital to our health system. We can’t thank them enough for the time, compassion, and dedication they provide the staff and patients at Regional West.”

Here’s how you can encourage your employees to volunteer in the community.

Give them time  – If your employees already have a busy schedule to start with, then you’ll want to carve out some time for them to volunteer. Therefore, if they begin by volunteering in some small capability, they’ll still be ready to fit it into their workday.

Pursue a passion – Once you’ve determined what proportion of time you can give to a social cause, the following step is to seek out work that you are passionate about. Perhaps that involves spreading the word about some health-related causes or volunteering at an area food bank. Chicago’s Thomas Kane is known for his philanthropic efforts and is the Illinois President of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF). Kane selected to volunteer his services for FIDF because he’s passionate about social causes that foster academic opportunities to those who need it most.

Whatever the cause is, choose one that matches your interests and skills. Then, produce a volunteer resume to introduce yourself and showcase your knowledge.

Research a cause’s mission statement – Now that you’ve found the correct organization, make sure to educate yourself on its mission statement to ensure its goals align with your company values. Search for real-life examples of how it has impacted someone’s life. Sometimes, smaller nonprofits have a basic or incomplete internet presence, but don’t let that discourage you. A simple phone call to the organization’s leaders will give you the information you need.

Set a good example – When you sign on to help the community, it’s vital to be a good volunteer which means showing up on time, helping out where needed, and staying engaged in the task at a hand. Strive to do your best work so that you can set an example for the rest of your team members.

The most obvious benefit why giving back to the community should be a major goal for businesses is that it results in a better place to live and work for the company, its employees and the people who live there.  Regardless of which charity you support, you have the power to stand up against issues impacting the community by actively collaborating with IITSWEB.


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