Recruitment software and CRM

Recruitment Software and CRM

If you are a recruiter who has just started working with a recruitment software platform for the first time then you are in for a treat! Many stellar benefits come your way when you find and start utilising the best CRM software for your agency. 

For starters, you will be operating differently than your industry peers who don’t work with modern tech or recruitment CRM systems. The hiring strategies in 2022 have evolved. There have already been many changes introduced in the last couple of years that demonstrates how relying on old tried and tested methods no longer reap the same results.

From remote recruitment and candidate skills shortage to hybrid working and many more – the changes seem to be here to stay. Now as a proactive recruiter, you must work with an innovative recruitment database software if you want success and growth.

Key changes to note after using a suitable recruitment software platform

  • Efficiency
  • Organisation
  • Communication
  • Candidate sourcing

These are the biggest areas in which recruiters stand to gain a lot when they incorporate good tech partners in their workflow. There’s clear and marked visibility in not just their productivity but also the quality of work they can deliver. This immediately gives them a competitive edge which is great for business as most recruiters work on a placement fee basis. 

When it comes to efficiency, the impact is due to automation which reduces the manual effort needed for most administrative tasks. So now instead of spending hours on talent sourcing, copying information or inputting data by hand, CV parsing, etc., recruiters can turn to recruitment agency software to complete these crucial but repetitive and laborious work in a few minutes. 

Using the best recruitment software also transforms the communication system which has an important effect on candidate experience. Recruiters deal with hundreds of candidates each month. It can be challenging to keep up with every candidate due to the sheer volume of applications. But good communication builds on candidate engagement and impresses upon positive candidate experience.

Proactive recruiters take the time to invest in networking and building relationships that they can go back to time and again. The best software for recruitment agencies helps boost efficient and effective communication. There are automated email and text responses that make responding swiftly an easy process. Sending prompt reminders for interviews and keeping notes on past conversations – all this becomes easy and helps to make recruiting better.

With candidate skills shortages affecting many industries, resorting to old relationships and focusing on cultivating networks are critical today. CRM software While social media is still the first point of reference when talent sourcing, there is also the talent pool to draw from. Recruitment agency software is useful both for maintaining a structured talent pool and also for helping keep updated data from social media platforms easy and accessible. Waste less time and boost efficiency candidate sourcing with recruitment CRM systems’ help.

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What to look out for selecting the best recruitment software for agencies?

Start by deciding whether you need temps software or front office recruitment software for perm placements or a robust executive search software for headhunters to assist their executive candidate sourcing.

Executive search is focused on headhunting senior executives. So, search firms will most definitely need to work with a different CRM platform than the ones used to hire junior and mid-level staff. That’s why they need executive recruitment software that also acts as a passive candidate sourcing software system.

For temp and perm hires, recruiters also need different recruiting platforms. Temporary recruitment agency software enables recruiters to use online booking shifts and quickly create invoices among other things. So a good CRM that can be leveraged as a pay and bill software is also highly critical for success.

The recruitment database software for perm placements is designed to build stronger communication, help with compliance checks and talent sourcing, etc.



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