Top Ways to Take Screenshots When Your Mobile App Doesn’t Allow It

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An Android phone comes with plenty of features that can both amuse and annoy a user at the same time. Such as restricting screenshots on particular apps. Although a person can’t have a smartphone and not take a screenshot. While taking a screenshot on the smartphone may not require rocket science, there are times when a user is unable to take a screenshot, specifically when an app restricts it. So what does one do when an app does not allow a user to screenshot a specific section of their content? Let us find out.

Why Do Users Need to Take Screenshots on Their Phone?

One may not need plenty of reasons to explain why they need to take screenshots on their phone. The major one is to save information as it is. This could be online receipts to road directions to anything. Sometimes, a website doesn’t allow a user to download an image and that’s when screenshots come in handy. When a user takes a screenshot, it is to save information as it is, without edits or changes. Fortunately, this option is available on both your PC and Android phone. 

Why Do Some Mobile Apps Restrict Screenshots of Their Content?

Just as not every ISP offers fantastic monthly bundles to its customers like Wave Internet does for its users, not every app allows users to screenshot its content. Although, there is always a rational reason behind every act undertaken by a developer for his creation, even if it annoys the average user. However, generally many developers do not restrict their audiences from taking screenshots. Those who do put a restriction on the app usually cite reasons such as security or privacy.

For instance, most mobile banking apps don’t allow users to screenshot. Even the Incognito Mode in Google Chrome doesn’t allow users to screenshot their tabs. A recent example is Telegram’s self-destructing photo feature, where users cannot screenshot the content for security purposes. Irrespective of why the developer has put a restriction for the screenshot on their app, there are several ways, which you can use to take a screenshot anytime and anywhere you want.

Option #1 – Download a Screen Recording App for Your Smartphone

One way to take screenshots when a mobile app does not allow it is by downloading a screen-recording app on your phone. Although, there are plenty of screen recording apps available on Google Playstore or Apple’s App Store today, select one that has decent features. One such app is the Screenshot Touch, which has garnered a 4.5 rating and boasts of 10+ million downloads online. The various features of the app, such as image cropper or scroll capture are what make the app popular among users.

What’s more is that it has both free and paid plans, so users can choose which they find best. The other screen-recording app that’s been making waves is the AZ Screen Recorder, which has a rating of 4.6 and also boasts over 10 million downloads. Although the basic function of the app is to record the screen, users can use the app to screenshot as well. This app, however, has no frills such as no ads, no watermarks, or any kinds of limits. You can find it on the app store as long as you have a stable internet connection to be able to download it quickly. CenturyLink internet plans fall in that category and so, you should think to check them out as soon as possible.

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Option #2 – Use Google Assistant to Take Screenshots of Your Screen

If downloading a screen-recording app may sound like a hassle to you, you can also use Google Assistant to assist you with this process. Simply open your Google Suite Folder and tap on Google Assistant if you have it pre-installed on your phone. You can also download it from the Playstore if it is not present on your phone. The Assistant will then ask you how it can help you. To which you can either reply or type in your request. Once you present your request to take a screenshot, the Assistant will do it for you. One thing to note is that if you want to screenshot an image or content in Google’s Incognito Mode, the screenshot will take place but it will be a black screen, so just be careful about that.

Option #3 – Use Scrcpy to Your Advantage

This foolproof method can bypass all kinds of screenshot restrictions found in Android apps. The Scrcpy is a simple screen-mirroring program, which allows the user to show and control the phone display on the user’s PC. Once the screen mirroring begins, users can use the print screen option or Snipping Tool option to take screenshots. This method can be used on Windows, along with macOS and Linux. If you are facing any issue in using this program, it must be due to your internet connection. And if you are subscribed to an Xfinity internet plan, you can reach out to them on the Xfinity customer service number to sort out the problem. 

Wrapping Up

Screenshots allow users to capture anything at any time on their phones. Although some apps do try to restrict users from screenshotting while using a certain app, using some of the methods above can help you. Don’t forget that you are the captain of your ship and since your mobile phone is your property, you can do anything on it. 


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