Top 8 Ways to Use Space- The Ultimate Wedding Marquee Hire Tips


Your wedding planner should be organized and perfect in every aspect. Wedding marquee hires execute your program in an organized and creative way. Your backyard or any wedding venue offers you a blank canvas to do something innovative. 

We found that to make a perfect wedding marquee, and people need little guidance and motivation. So here we are going to give you eight ultimate wedding marquee hire tips. It will provide you with the idea to utilize the full potential of a space or even a backyard.

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Eight practical tips for using your space for wedding marquee

Arrange specific zone in Marquee

Hiring a marquee is not a modern way of celebrating an event; it can be considered the traditional way of celebration. People celebrate their event in their backyard in old age, and the wedding marquee concept is coming from this. The most acceptable benefits of using Marquee are it can be categorized into different areas, such as making it convenient to hang out together for your wedding ceremony, dancing area, dining, and drinking area.

Here you have the opportunity to barricade within a marquee. The quick and simple way to create boundaries is installing curtain as division among all categories.

Make specific chill-out areas.

The idea of creating a chill-out area is always appreciated. Wedding event is incomplete without chill out area, where people can chat, communicate with each other. The atmosphere of the chilled-out area should be relaxing and refreshing. Allocate a less active and peaceful place for senior, elderly members to gather.

Make a joyous atmosphere and create a party-feel ambiance to catch up with your friends. But, of course, creating such specific people space needs a bit of planning and arrangements. 

Marquee hire is a best-fitted area to accommodate your guest for your wedding event.

Keep a space for the bar.

You will probably want to make space for a bar at your wedding. So decide if you want to make your bar close to the hub or near chill-out area, close to the dance floor. 

If you want to arrange your bar separately, you can do that by arranging extra chairs and tables for the activities, including cake cutting and open presents. Keeping a separate place for a bar in a wedding marque makes your arrangement classy.

Prepare for all weather.

The weather of London and Great Britain is unpredictable with rain and shine. So when you arrange a wedding marquee in an open space, ensure you have plenty of space available inside the Marquee. if the weather takes, it’s turned your guest get room to safe themselves from rain.  

If part of your wedding celebration is outside, you should have open space to freely allow your attendees to pass in and out of the Marquee. 

On the other hand, People search for a shady spot to feel comfortable. If the season is summer, consider your wedding Marquee closer to nature with enough amount of shade.

If you cannot find a suitable open space, go for a transparent wall because it will be mesmerized with a beautiful outdoor-indoor feel and protects your special occasion from natural elements like sun, rain, and breeze.

Don’t forget to decorate

Marquee doesn’t come with seating arrangements. You can consider it as a disadvantage or make it an opportunity to decorate the whole place in your own choice.  

In your wedding ceremony, decorate your Marquee with flowers and petals. You can embellish your wedding area with flowers of multiple colors; the fragrance of the flowers is a mood booster and refreshing. Here you can take the help of wedding planners to execute your planning, avoiding any unnecessary headache. 

Allocate entertainment zone

Don’t underestimate the entertainment zone. Nobody likes the dull party. So you if want to make your event engaging, plan for DJ or band, or something else. It would help if you had a specific size stage; for DJ, you require a location and dance floor.

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Appropriate power provision

Enough power provision is the must-have element in your wedding marquee because lighting, sound, entertainment, catering all of these things require enough amount of power. But don’t overload the power supply. You can rent generators for your lighting, sound, and catering staff and other technical equipment. 

Perfect seating plan

A suitable seating arrangement plan is an unavoidable part of your wedding occasion. You can arrange different type of tables and chair that complements your objective. Rectangular tables are suitable for the food court. Round tables are best for communication, and you must arrange them with a comfortable sofa or chairs. A wedding marquee hire sets everything according to your budget. Arrange an appropriate number of chairs and tables in your dining hall to avoid the budging out situation. 

If you have tight space in your Marquee, reuse and rework the area for multiple functions.

Party furniture hire London can organize your wedding event systematically. However, if you want to enjoy your special day without so much headache, wedding marquee hire can help you the most.


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