Top 6 Tips For The All-Important End Of Tenancy Cleans In Tonbridge

end of tenancy cleans in Tonbridge

When you are moving out of your rented house or apartment, you need to make sure that it is in immaculate condition as when you moved in. It provides a high chance to get your deposit back. The probability is high that you have not performed a deep clean every week, so there is bound to be dust and grime accumulated. Landlords are famous for deducting sums from deposits to cover the clean-up of things that you have skipped. So if you are determined to get your deposit back, then you need to make sure to hire Dartnell Cleaning: end of tenancy cleans in Tonbridge

They perform a thorough clean and ensure that your landlord is happy with the cleanliness of the place you are leaving. So before you start the cleaning process, you need to contact your landlord and get a copy of the final inspection checklist. Below are the top 6 tips that help you clear your inspection.

Top 6 Tips To Help You Clear Your Inspection Process

The Kitchen

You need to empty all the cupboards and shelves and clean them. Remove all the crumbs or deposits left in the place, inside and outside. You need to do your best to pull out all the appliances and clean them from behind and beneath them. Use a dry cloth to wipe the back of the appliances and clean the fridge from inside and out. Pull all shelves out so you can clean all the grooves and shelves as well. Get your freezer defrosted and wipe it out if you have one, and also clean your microwave.

The Oven And Hob

Cleaning the grime off an oven and hob that was not clean in months is one of the worst conditions. The burnt food deposits and thick grime can accumulate and make it one of the worst cleaning jobs in the kitchen. However, you need to put in a lot of effort in cleaning the trays, oven, rack and hobs until it is in sparkling condition. Also, keep in mind that it is one of the first things that gets inspected during the end of tenancy inspection.

Kitchen And Bathroom Limescale

Limescale gets accumulated over time around taps, in sinks, baths, toilets and showers and also on tiles and within your kettle. Also, the good news about this is it is not as difficult to remove as you may think.

You can use various effective cupboard cleaning solutions that are best for removing limescale. A solution that consists of equal parts of white vinegar and water is ideal for descaling kettle. Especially developed cleaning solutions and products are also available in the market to tackle limescale issues in the kitchen and bathroom. Leave the limescale remover for about an hour to get the perfect results.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is another crucial checking point in landlord inspection. You need to leave the bathroom in immaculate condition. Descale builds up limescale and clean taps, tiles, shower, bath and toilet until they are in a sparkling condition.

Window Treatments

Tenants responsibility also entails thoroughly cleaning windows inside and outside. Blinds need to be dusted and wiped carefully. 

The Carpets

Carpets are another notorious cleaning task, in particular, if there are any spills and stains. It makes a wise decision if you hire proper carpet cleaners or professional ones to do it for you. You can use carpet shampoo to lift any marks or stains on the carpet.

We have worked with many letting agents and private landlords in various sorts and sizes of property. Whether furnished or unfurnished and have a lot of expertise with End of Tenancy Cleaning. Our skilled crew understands the needs of both landlords and tenants. And will leave any property gleaming clean, regardless of its initial state.

The kitchen, bathroom, and en-suites are always the most difficult sections in any home to clean. It is because grease builds up in ovens and extractor fans, and limescale builds up on taps, tubs, tiles, and shower screens. This is something that seem to require a professional thorough clean.

Professional carpet cleaning completes any End of Tenancy clean. And if the home is furnished, we can clean drapes, three-piece suites, upholstered dining chairs, and mattresses as well.

Dartnell Cleaning believes that customer service is vital. And we will go above and beyond to ensure that both the renter and the landlord are satisfied with our quality cleaning. As a result, the landlord is able to quickly re-let the home, knowing that it is clean and ready for their new tenants.

So do not wait and get in touch with the experts to help you in getting your deposit back. Call us or send an email for more information on office cleaning in Tonbridge. We give you a prompt response that will satisfy all your doubts and answer all your questions.


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