Top 5 books about bitcoin Books to learn bitcoin trading and so on

Top 5 books about bitcoin Books to learn bitcoin trading and so on

If you are looking for information about bitcoin trading, this article is for you. 

First, you should know that there are no books that could tell everything about bitcoins because cryptocurrency appeared not long ago and is developing every day. So, new information appears constantly, enabling you to change your knowledge. 

Secondly, there are no books that magically make you a successful trader. If you read the book and do not use any additional sources of information, it will be pretty tricky for you to get profit even if you understand some techniques mentioned in this or that book. So, do not think that you will earn money with no effort. 

Anyway, bitcoin trading books are worth reading because they can teach you specific techniques that can help you understand how cryptocurrency trading works. So, see the top 5 books about bitcoin trading. 

  1. “Bitcoin Step by Step.” 

The author of this book is Liraz Siri, who worked in high positions in several companies until he founded his own company in 2010, which was engaged in information security solutions development and digital currency transactions support. The book will help you understand bitcoin technology, history, and future development prospects. The main thing that this book differs from many other bitcoin books is that it has many exercises for those who want to understand how everything works and which techniques can be used. You will find out: – 

  • What features make Bitcoin unique;
  • Who belongs to Bitcoin’s target audience;
  • What is Bitcoin mining, and what equipment do you need to start;
  • The list of the most reliable online services where you can exchange coins for cash and vice versa.
  1. “Bitcoin: 

Technical Background and Data Analysis.” An experienced software developer, financial analyst, and Quora user Gregory Filipowicz who has been working in finance for some time, wrote his book, which can be helpful not only to promised traders but also to those interested in how everything works.

In this book, the author talks about technical details of how Bitcoin works and provides you with the financial analysis used in trading. In this book, you learn:

  • what bitcoins are;
  • where to buy bitcoins;w
  • hether it is possible to verify transactions without using expensive equipment;
  • how blockchain works.

You will also read the answers to Bitcoin trading, taxation, and related issues.

  1. “Trading Bitcoin.”

This book includes essential information about how cryptocurrency trading works, its history, and prospects, which every person interested in crypto coins should know. At the beginning of 2017, cryptocurrencies were not as popular as now. But now, the bitcoin trading game has changed significantly, and this book will help you understand how everything works now.

For example, you will read about:

  • what trading options are available for bitcoins;
  • which brokers provide cryptocurrency trading;
  • whether or not it is possible to earn money on cryptocurrencies;
  • how to use technical analysis when trading.
  1. “Bitcoin for the Befuddled.”

The author of this book is Conrad Barski, working in software engineering and web development for more than 20 years, having his own IT Company. He decided to write a book about bitcoin as he was intrigued by cryptocurrency and wanted to share this information with other people. Barski describes bitcoin as a new form of digital money used for online trading and various transactions in the book. 

He also provides readers with information about:

  • How and where bitcoins can be bought;
  • How to mine cryptocurrency and how profitable this is for the user.
  1. “Bitcoin: Technical Background and Data Analysis.”

Are you an experienced financial analyst, software developer, or just someone who wants to understand what bitcoin is all about? This book is different from other bitcoin books in that it provides you with both theoretical and practical information about cryptocurrency. 

The author of this book, Gregory Filipovich, has spent over 30 years working in the financial sector, so he knows all the secrets of making money on cryptocurrencies. In this book, he talks about how this cryptocurrency works.


If you are looking for books about Bitcoin that can be useful both for experienced traders and people who have just entered the cryptocurrency trading world, this list will help you. 

All books on the list include a lot of valuable information which can be helpful whether you want to earn money using cryptocurrencies or if you need some basic knowledge about how it all works. That is why you should read these books, especially if you want to win a Bitcoin trading game!


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