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In its actual and natural form, Wooden furniture is an elegant piece of home décor. Using the best wood finishing will give the furniture a new appearance, elegance and allure. But you must always look for the right and best wood finish and wood coating for the furniture, which you must apply correctly.

Using the right techniques to paint wooden furniture will create a long-lasting and excellent finish. It can also improve the wood patterns and grains at the same time.

Whether painting a newly made product or wooden furniture, you must choose between water- and oil-based finish. Once you decide, you can proceed further with the wood painting work.

Painting the Wooden Furniture: Useful Tips to Follow

When you have decided to conduct the Wooden Furniture Paint work, there are some helpful tips. Following these tips can help you paint wooden furniture in the right manner.

  • Prep the Furniture

Before you begin the painting work, you must clean the wooden furniture. At some point, old furniture might have been polished or waxed.

That’s why it’s vital to eradicate all the dirt and residue before you begin the painting. Not removing the dirt or gritgreat can stop the new paint from adhering.

Sanding is also crucial when it comes to prepping. You must use medium-grit sandpaper to prepare and smooth the furniture’s surface before applying the first coat.

  • Insulation

Once the sanding and cleaning work is completed, it’s time to paint. Wood contains impurities inside because of its natural substrate. You will find these impurities available in the form of resins, chemicals, water and many other things.

They ooze out from the wood because of the weathering process. The release of these impurities will easily destroy the topcoat. So, to insulate the topcoat from all these impurities, you must use universal undercoats.

It will not just seal up the microscopic mores but will also lock all the impurities within. It will also help offer an excellent finish and reduce the consumption of the topcoat as well.

  • Filling Up the Dents

When the wooden surface contains holes, cracks and dents, applying a dent filler will be the right thing to do. You can use a putty knife and apply the dent filler all over the affected areas. In return, it will offer outstanding protection, work and smoothness over the dented area.

  • Staining the Wood

Wood stains will penetrate the wood deeply. They are mainly utilized to improve the accurate shade of wooden furniture or woodwork. Otherwise, wood stains like the Imperia Breathe Easy are utilized for gaining uniformity when the wooden furniture carries an inconsistent look. These wood stains can easily amplify the wood grains’ look and add definition to the wood.

  • The Sealer Coat

Sealer coats are also called priming coats. These coats can help fill up all the undulations and pores of the wood furniture and produce a smooth and even layer where the topcoat will get applied. It also offers outstanding adhesion to the wood substrate and aids in providing the wood coating with a uniform and strong build.

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Last Note

Painting new or old wooden furniture should be done with the right techniques. Once you know how to paint wooden furniture or items properly, it will lessen the chances of mistakes and other issues occurring.


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