Tips to Charge You iPhone Faster

Your iPhone’s battery is bound to run low at some point. And it isn’t something that happens only with smartphones. Most wireless gadgets come with batteries that need charging whenever they run low. Of course, getting a quick charge isn’t as easy as checking Spectrum mobile plans on the internet.  

While it is virtually impossible to keep your iPhone battery at a hundred percent at all times, there are multiple ways to speed up the iPhone’s charging process. After all, maintaining your smartphone’s battery at an optimum level is crucial to avoiding emergency power situations. That said, here are five quick and easy ways to charge your iPhone.  

Replace Your Old iPhone Charger and Cable 

Every iPhone released after 2017 supports fast charging. This all started with iPhone 8. Apple introduced the feature following complaints that the older versions of the iPhone took hours to fully charge. Safe to say that the quick charging feature has proven to be a great improvement when it comes to charging duration.  

If you have got a charger and cable that predates iPhone 8, the chances of juicing up your iPhone quickly are low. You will need an Apple charger with high-enough wattage to support fast charging. Alternatively, you could go for a third-party charger with USB power delivery compatibility. Moreover, you will need a USB-C power cable.  

It is worth mentioning here that the aforementioned charger-cable combo can charge your iPhone battery to 50% within 30 minutes. However, it is important to note that third-party chargers and cables differ by company. Also, make sure to check port power and total power whenever you go decide to replace your old iPhone charger and cable.  

Switch Off Your iPhone 

This is a tried and tested method with proven results. Switching off your iPhone before charging speeds up the charging process. This is because your iPhone won’t be keeping up with everything. However, tapping the power button is often harder.  

Just think about it for a second. Your iPhone is with you 24/7. Maybe you use it during the charging process. And even if you do switch it off for several minutes, your mind is constantly thinking about the messages and phone calls that you might have missed.  

A better way to divert your attention is to complete other tasks during the time it takes for your phone to charge. Just switch off your iPhone, plug it in to charge, leave the room, and do something else. By the time you are back, you’re iPhone will be charged (hopefully).  

Turn on the Airplane Mode  

If switching off the iPhone isn’t an option, the next best alternative is to turn on the Airplane Mode. The iPhone’s cellular connectivity consumes a lot of battery life. This is because the device is continuously emitting radio waves to locate the nearest cell tower. You will notice that whenever you are on cellular data your iPhone’s battery will drain faster.  

Turning on the Airplane Mode allows your iPhone to conserve energy since it can no longer emit radio waves. Turn on the Airplane Mode, plug it in to charge, and you will be able to speed up the charging process by a few minutes. While the method isn’t as effective as the switch off and charge, it beats other methods by a long shot.  

Enable Low Power Mode 

Turning on the low power mode can accelerate your iPhone’s charging process. The low power mode is a great feature available in all smartphones. It reduces the phone’s workload by closing non-essential background applications and tasks. Activating the low power mode affects certain functions like iCloud, cellular data usage, and automatic downloads.  

How to Turn on Low Power Mode? 

Go to your iPhone’s settings  

Tap on Battery  

Enable the Low Power Mode  

Remove Your iPhone’s Case 

It is advisable to remove your iPhone’s case while charging. This will prevent your iPhone from building up the heat during the charging process. Moreover, do not put your smartphone on top of electronic appliances or any other gadget while charging. The hot surface of these devices can affect your iPhone’s temperature.    

These were some of the quick and easy ways to give your iPhone’s charging speed a boost. Got any other methods you’d like to share? Head over to the comments section below. 


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