Tips for going to church well dressed:

Tips for going to church well dressed:

Perhaps it has happened to you that you have been invited to a church and you don’t know what to wear. Or maybe you wonder if there are any rules for going to the temple.

In reality, the church is open to everyone, regardless of their dress; But it is also true that many times dressing according to the occasion helps to feel comfortable in the environment in which you operate and this is no exception.

First of all, I want to tell you that these tips are not aimed at a particular audience or any specific social class. In these lines, my intention is to prepare you so that you can fully enjoy yourself without thinking if you will be good or bad or if you will have passed your hand with something.

As in any social group, Christians also have some customs to dress, in some places much more marked than in others and this depends not only on the culture of the church itself, sometimes the social culture of the city also influences a lot, but Generally speaking, it is possible to achieve a decent and tasteful look by following these tips:

  1. Find your own style:

Going to church is first of all to feel comfortable with yourself, since the receptivity, enjoyment, and joy you will feel also depend on this. If you have gotten used to the same way of dressing, give yourself the opportunity to change, try it; you have nothing to lose. 

I know many women who hated skirts under their belt, but after a while, they found themselves comfortable in them and this also happens with men who never wore a suit or long sleeves. 

No garment is bad in itself, and with a little search we can find styles and ways to combine our great clothes that can go perfectly with us, with our essence and what we want to transmit, even; they can help us get out of our comfort zone and get to know each other a little more. Other than this you can go with the custom designer church suits and try them.

  1. Try to observe what is the style of dress of the Church where you go:

Unless you have never been, it is advisable that you know how they dress in the congregation where you will attend or what is the common denominator, as this can help you choose an appropriate combination according to your repertoire. As I have mentioned before, some congregations tend to be more conservative and strict than others, especially in the dress of women.

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  1. Do not wear clothes with too intense colors or anti-Christian figures:

The bright colors are ideal for casual outings and can come in handy if combined properly, but combining them with themes in tiger or jaguar mode, drawings that hint at death or indecency can be a mistake. Neither the marked mosaics nor flowers with very intense colors are recommended since they can make you look too ostentatious. 

Try to use a little more formal and simple designs that show some peace and do not create or show a need to attract attention.

  1. Do not wear garments with transparent fabrics:

Some synthetic fabrics can become transparent to the eye; it is recommended that you avoid this. It is possible that some designs can be used in this way, we are not going to generalize, but if any of these articles shows an intimate part or part of it, it is better not to consider it, since it can make you look indecent and therefore create discomfort especially in the opposite sex.

  1. Seek opinions of friends and loved ones:

Surely it has happened to you that friends and family tell you that something suits you very well and you, however, cannot feel comfortable. Learn to listen to their advice, believe me; Our own opinion is not always the most objective and it is important from time to time to know how others look at us to find the best version of ourselves in this regard.


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