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Stickers have become one of the most economical ways to advertise your brand. A single sticker at the back of a car or door jambs get more eyes than our online add campaigns. Stickers like any other print media last much longer with only a minimum one-time cost. Stickers are also becoming popular due to their convenience. You can apply stickers onto anything, and it will much longer until you peel it off or fade away. Print custom stickers is a great way to progress.

If you have landed on this article, you would know all the benefits that print custom stickers could give you. Printing your own sticker won’t only save you a lot of money but will also let you completely customise the design of the sticker. You don’t need any sticker printers to print stickers. A simple inkjet printer will do the work. So let’s get to the guide on how you can print custom stickers.

Get Sticker Paper

Get your hands on some quality inkjet sticker paper if you want to print regular stickers. These sticker papers are easily available online. You can also find them at office supply stores. These regular sticker papers are letter-sized sheets, mostly come in a pack. However, you can also go for a special sticker paper for vinyl printing at home. 

Get it Designed 

Get your sticker designed by an expert, or you can also create it yourself if you think you can do the job. However, simple stickers can be developed by simple photo editing software like Adobe PS and Adobe AI. If you want multiple stickers, design them on a single paper maximizing the paper usage. However, make sure to leave space between each sticker so that you can easily cut them afterward. You can also look for sticker templates online; thousands of them are available for free.

Don’t forget to add colors to your sticker, as it will bring life to your sticker. 

Print on The Test Paper

Printing on a test is really a good idea for beginners, and as it is going to be your first sticker printing, use inexpensive plain paper. A single print of inkjet printer costs about roughly 20 cents, so don’t hesitate to get a test print. Keep on printing test papers until you get the desired alignment and quality of the print. 

Another reason for which test print is used by beginners is when they aren’t sure of which side will be printed. For that mark one side of the paper and see which side got printed. Now you will know which side to insert while printing sticker paper. 

Time for Sticker Printing

Now it is time for some sticker printing. Insert a single sheet of paper into the printer, if your printer has a single-page feeder, use that. Otherwise, insert a single sheet into regular paper feed. As sticker paper is a bit thicker than normal paper, your printer may get stuck if you try to feed more than one sheet of sticker paper. 

One more thing you need to take care of is that make sure the sticker paper is plain, and there aren’t any bends or wrinkles in it. These bends can cause the paper to get stuck in the printer and damage the printer. 

Now that your custom printed sticker is ready. Hold it from one corner without touching any printed area. Place it on a plain dry surface and let it dry. Unlike text printing, graphics are printed with much higher ink concentration. It will take several minutes before completely drying. 

Cut the Sticker Sheet

Carefully cut the sticker sheet using a paper cutter, or a scissor could also work. Now cutting a sticker down can be a really tricky part, especially when your sticker is in an irregular shape. Sticker company UK have specific machines that laser-cut stickers with 100% precision. However, a steady hand can also achieve that for a sheet or two. Finally, peel your sticker right before using it on anything you want to.

Bottom Line

Sticker printing is a commercial process done by designated companies. If you don’t get your desired results, it is completely fine. This is a DIY blog for people who wants to print their own stickers at home using a personal printer. You may experience a little low-quality image on your home sticker, well, that is just because our personal printers print up to only 600 dpi. That means it will print 600 dots per inch. On the contrary, commercial printer prints up to 1200 dpi, resulting in a high-quality printout.

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Anyhow, if you are still not comfortable with your homemade sticker, there are tons of companies in the UK that can make custom printed stickers for you at a little cost. 


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