Customer Support is Responsive

Customer support is responsive

It’s no secret that employers often conduct background check on potential employees before making a hiring decision. But did you know that you can also run your own background check? Here are four of the best sites to help you do just that.


Intelius is one of the most popular online background check services. It has been in business for over 15 years and offers reliable data brokerage services. Its reports are generally more accurate than those from competing sites. It also charges considerably less than its major competitors. It’s great for vetting people you meet online or trying to find long-lost relatives.

The website offers an unlimited trial membership for as little as $1.99. The downside is that it doesn’t offer an easy-to-use pricing scheme. Once you’ve committed to a search, Intelius combs through its database and asks you a few questions to narrow down your results. If you’re unhappy with the results, you can always get a full refund. The service also provides a dedicated customer support email address.

TruthFinder is another excellent option. It has a good reputation among consumers and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. TruthFinder’s security measures are great, too, with 256-bit encryption and an approved SSL certificate. The site’s membership plan is less than $1 per day and includes a social network viewer.

The quality of search results can vary greatly, so try several different background check services before choosing one. The best ones will provide information about most people and have similar functionality and features. It’s worth considering the cost and the quality of your searches when making your final decision.


BeenVerified is an excellent background check site that offers a wide range of background reports. The service uses a database of public records from social media accounts and government agencies to produce its search results. Users can search for criminal records, property records, and social media profiles. There is a monthly membership option that costs $15 per month and gives you access to unlimited background reports and searches. Customer support is responsive and available seven days a week. You can email support with any questions or concerns you may have.

A subscription to a background check site allows you to keep your searches organized and accessible in one location. The dashboard shows you recent reports, and you can view records and download PDF files. In addition, you can remove any records from your list if necessary. One of the best features of BeenVerified is its 24 hour customer service, which is accessed via a telephone number or online contact form.

You can also search for people based on their genealogical history. This is a great tool if you are trying to find a long lost relative. You can search for a person’s name and any relatives they may have. You can also access criminal records and property records if you wish. Using this background check tool is safe and secure, and BeenVerified offers a money back guarantee.

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Spokeo is a USA-based company that offers background check services. The site has a reputation for being effective. In fact, it has even been featured on television shows such as “Catfish.” The show’s hosts use Spokeo to trace the identity of online imposters. The popularity of social media has led to many people reconnecting with friends and family they may not have seen in years.

Spokeo is known for its industry-leading reports. It pulls together data from public court records and social media to produce comprehensive profiles on individuals. These reports include contact information, employment information, past addresses, and family details. Spokeo has hundreds of five-star reviews on consumer affairs. The website has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau, which means that it is a credible resource for background checks.

Spokeo also has special features such as social media searches and unclaimed property searches. Users can sign up for one-time memberships or pay for monthly memberships. The service is inexpensive and offers comprehensive reports on a large number of people. However, customers have reported billing issues after canceling their memberships.

Spokeo is a good option if you want to check the background of a potential new employee. The website offers up-to-date records that are not available through traditional search engines. The search results can include details about an employee’s past addresses, potential relatives, business associates, and ex-partners. In addition, they include contact information and social media profiles.

Free People Search

Free People Search is a great option for those who want to do an online background check without spending any money. The website offers a wide range of search options, including people search, reverse phone lookup, and property records. You can also access criminal records if you wish. The website has a clean and simple design, and it is easy to use.

One of the best things about is that it does not require you to create an account. You can conduct as many searches as you like without having to provide any personal information. The website also offers a money back guarantee.

The site includes a searchable database of more than 600 million people. You can search for a person by name, phone number, address, or email address. The results include basic information such as age, gender, and location. You can also view a map of the person’s current address.

The website also offers reverse phone lookup and property records. A reverse phone lookup is a great tool if you want to find out who owns a particular phone number. Property records can be useful if you are trying to find out more about a person’s past addresses.


There are many websites that offer background check services. The four sites described above are some of the best options available. Each site has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is important to choose a site that offers the type of information you are looking for. In addition, you should consider the cost of the service and the website’s reputation.


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