The Problem of Access to Rehabilitation

The Problem of Access to Rehabilitation

Drug abuse is a problem that is becoming increasingly widespread in today’s world, with the World Health Organization reporting that over 265 million people had used a drug in the past year. Given that most drugs are illegally sourced, with almost no regard for consumer safety, and almost all long-term drug use leads to severe health conditions, it is no wonder that drug use was tied to around 180,000 deaths in 2019. 

Substance Abuse Disorder is a degenerative condition that prevents users from controlling their intake of the drug, despite the negative consequences that drug use has on their lives. In 2019, over 35 million people were reported to have a Substance Abuse Disorder. Despite this only 14 percent of patients sought treatment, either at an outpatient clinic or at a rehabilitation facility like drug rehab Austin

This may be due to a variety of factors, but principally the following are the major culprits to blame for the lack of access to rehabilitation in the country.

Affordability of care

The U.S. government’s attention to rehabilitation has not been consistent and this has led to a lack of affordable government-funded treatment options. This is especially prevalent in prisons where rehabilitation is not the focus for those indicted for drug use. However, most private facilities do work with private healthcare insurance providers and some even take Medicaid. negative opinions from loved ones or their community.

There is a social stigma around drug use that places the blame firmly on the users. However, drug addiction is a disease, influenced by a variety of factors, and most drug addicts themselves are powerless when it comes to controlling their drug use, as long-term use affects the brain’s ability to control inhibitions and make decisions. Treating drug addiction as a disease is the first step towards making care accessible to all.

Fear of it would affect their careers

This once again stems from the stigma towards drug use but also because most employers either don’t offer or don’t make it known that Employee Assistance Programs are an alternative to being fired for going to rehabilitation. These programs allow for a clear line of communication during the treatment process and allow employers to save the money needed to train a new employee.

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Lack of accessibility to care

Given the lack of government assistance, it is worth noting that drug rehabilitation is not evenly distributed in the country. Most rehabilitation centers, like drug detox Austin, are located in metropolitan areas. Rural areas and states, like Idaho and Wyoming, are lacking when it comes to the ratio of the rehab facilities to patients. There is also a disparity in the lack of information about available care in these States.

Despite all these factors, reaching out and seeking help is the most important step in getting better from drug addiction. Facilities, like drug detox Austin, TX, can help make that first step towards sobriety much easier.




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