The 5 Rules of TV Advertising for Rapid Growth

The 5 Rules of TV Advertising for Rapid Growth

TV advertising is still an essential part of any marketing campaign. And while the formats, devices, and consumption of TV ads might have changed significantly, marketers can benefit even more from TV advertising today than ever before. 

The rise of CTV has changed the way television is consumed. Today, it’s all about on-demand streaming services, which have completely taken over from linear TV platforms like cable. With this new way of consuming TV comes a new type of TV advertising over-the-top, or OTT advertising. 

TV marketing campaigns are now interactive, dynamic, and highly targeted. They are also very carefully constructed to include various digital elements, all of which directly communicate a similar brand message to targeted segments, known as marketing personas. 

The goal is to successfully penetrate your market to ensure the rapid growth of your brand. Of course, TV advertising plays a huge part in this, but you need to understand the rules. Let’s take a look at five of them. 

Rule 1 — Establish Your Goals

When it comes to advertising and marketing, you need to start by understanding your goals. It’s more important to do so today due to the highly targeted nature of CTV and OTT advertising. 

Your goals should be as specific as possible — this is both to ensure you can reach them and so that you’re able to measure the success of your efforts. Your goals should also be strongly aligned with your business goals

The goals you establish will determine every other aspect of your TV advertising campaign, including the style, the tone, the message, and the placement. 

Some of the goals you establish here will be similar to your general marketing and business goals. Usually, however, advertising campaigns are connected to specific products, services, or other marketing aspects, which is why new goals need to be established for each TV advertising campaign. 

Rule 2 — Establish Your Audience

Your goals should be connected very specifically to your target market. As mentioned earlier, you need to create marketing personas. 

These are targeted segments that each require a different approach to marketing. You might already have your personas in place, but now is the time to create them if you don’t. 

Much like your goals, your target market personas will determine the type of advertising message, format, length, placement, and other elements. TV ads must also be targeted and designed with your persona’s characteristics in mind.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all brand message like the old linear TV advertising days. CTV and OTT advertising has the incredible benefit of full targeting, automation, and the ability to analyze, test, and change your message based on metrics. You need to take full advantage of this to get the full benefit. 

Rule 3 — Get Creative and Stand Out

TV advertising needs to stand out. In today’s convoluted market, viewers are exposed to video advertising on every platform they consume. 

As such, your TV ads need to be creative and enticing. Use exciting and attractive visuals, create an engaging script, and remember to consider your target market’s preferences. 

Another factor to consider is that many of today’s TV ads are skippable at a specific part of the ad. So if you don’t grab your viewers’ attention within the first few seconds, your window of opportunity might be over before you know it.

There are many ways to achieve creativity by introducing exciting visuals and concepts, but the most effective way to truly stand out from the crowd is to be true to your unique brand message. 

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Rule 4 — Remain True To Your Brand

Your TV adverts should be instantly recognizable as yours, and to do this, you need to remain true to your brand message. Your brand’s values, tone, narrative, and essence should be included across all your marketing platforms to ensure a unified brand voice. 

This is important for engaging content and a cross-channel marketing campaign, which is essential to increase your reach and convert customers. Your brand essence can include jingles, brand representatives, logos, catchphrases, and anything else people directly associate with it. 

This doesn’t mean doing the same thing repeatedly, but it also doesn’t mean that you should ignore trends in advertising and video production. On the contrary, you should keep things fresh, and you should also incorporate these trends and advances into your TV advertising where appropriate. 

Rule 5 — Be Memorable For The Right Reasons

TV ads can quickly go from charming and engaging to annoying and frustrating, and this is something you need to avoid actively. Repetition can be effective, but it can push the wrong buttons with viewers when it’s overdone or not executed correctly. 

Use repetitive phrasing, music, and visuals sparingly, and try to keep things fresh in your TV ads. The great news for today’s advertisers is that you can see precisely how well received your ads are by checking out the analytics.

If your ads are almost always being skipped at the exact time they can be skipped; you might be annoying the viewer. In cases like this, you need to go back to the drawing board and find new ways to be memorable and not annoying! 

TV adverts were once the pinnacle of the advertising world Nordic IPTV King, and today they are as important as ever despite a very different playing field. However, applying these five rules will help you make the most of this exciting and effective advertising medium!


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