The 3 Best Collections of the Omega Watch Brand

Omega watches are a well-known brand established in Switzerland. In 1848, it was founded by La Chaux-de-Fonds. It was formerly named Louis Brandt et Frère. But since it went commercialized throughout the world, it was later rebranded as Omega watches in 1903.

Another reason that made Omega watches more popular is when it was worn by James Bond in various 007 films. With this, you may consider the role of Omega watches in the daily grind to action stunts.

In this article, we’ll give you the three best collections of Omega and more information about this luxury watch brand. Get to know more about the brand and which collection you should check out for yourself!

Why are they known to the world?

Recognized by the people

Being on the top list of Swiss timepiece brands, Omega watches maintained their popularity. May it be from years ago until now. Other brands of watches may come along, but the Omega brand is still unreachable with preference in the market.

Offers longer warranty period

When you buy watches, you may notice Omega watches usually offer a longer warranty. The average warranty period of some Swiss branded watches is 2 years. Yet, other than any luxury brand, Omega watches offer a warranty period from two to five years. That is half a decade of warranty. 

100% accurate

We know that Omega watches were certified by COSC known as Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres. The prestigious certification is hard to achieve, not even for some well-known brands of watches. The certificate itself has different tests to pass, and the hardest of them is the accuracy level.

It is never to question Omega watches are mechanical watches that are very accurate. Because the company manufactures high-quality timepieces, no other quartz watch can surpass it. 

As we all know, quartz watches are more accurate for time description than mechanical watches. And this is where Omega watches had a slight precision than other brands. Their quartz watches were also certified by the committee for their accurate time description.

The 3 Best Collections of Omega  

Now we know why many customers prefer buying Omega timepieces. Let us find the best collections of Omega brands ever made.

  1. Omega Speedmaster (known as the Professional Moon watch)

Little did we know that Omega watches were not only seen in movies like James Bond films but were also worn in outer space by astronauts during their lunar exploration in the year 1969. They preferred the watch simply because of the accurate time it offered. Since it was the preferred watch by astronauts, this watch collection was named the “Professional Moon watch.”

The watch itself has a co-axial chronometer that is chronograph like a moon phase. The chronograph features an accurate date and tachymeter scale even above the space. It is because the watch itself is resistant to the electromagnetic field.

If you buy one of these extinguished Omega watch collections, you may notice an iconic footprint of Neil Armstrong in the moon phase logo. With this great leap of Omega collections, this is considered one of the best watches produced by the Omega brand.

  1. Omega Seamaster Diver 300 meter

This watch was popularized by the James Bond film in 1995. The scene where James Bond traded his Rolex watch to have an Omega watch in the Royale was relatively trivial for both brands.

But what was the reason James Bond traded his watch? This is because this collection of Omega Seamaster diver watches has a helium valve. The helium valve prevents water and even air leakage during extreme pressure underneath the water. This prevents bubbles or moist formation on the watches during deep-diving sessions.

Also, the watch itself has a screw-down crown and universal directional bezel where it offers the hand of time for 30-minute and 12-hour records.

  1. Omega Seamaster PloProf

When it comes to professional divers’ association approval for their diving watches, the Omega Sea master PloProf will never be out of the list. The name of the wristwatch was PloProf for the significant reason of having the phrase Plongeur Professional. The words themselves pertain to being a professional diver.

One can recognize Omega Sea master PloProf than any other diving watch due to its screwed-in crown. Yes, it has a screwed crown! This is for the diver to be able to move his wrist freely during the diving session. But you never have to worry about adjusting time in this watch since you can move the crow from 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock figures with ease.


Omega watches are considered in the elite group of Swiss watches. It holds to its name by giving watch collections that never go out of style yet bear still accurate timepieces. 

Aside from the changes in the outer specs of the watches, the Omega brand makes watch collections to be used in various activities, from subaquatic all the way to space exploration. All of their timepieces uphold their credible quality of being built tough, accurate, and durable products.


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