Tech Trends for Charities

Technology is something that has greatly affected our entire existence, and the charity sector is no exception. Though tech nology can often be criticized for the impact it has had on our society, we can say with certainty that it has positively impacted charities. In order for a charity to be a success, it must be able to reach a wide audience and obtain donations by doing so. There’s no denying that advancements in technology have made this a whole lot easier. From online fundraising to videoconferencing, growing technology has almost eliminated the limitations that charities have previously faced when it comes to making a difference. 

Contactless Payments

Perhaps one of the greatest technological advancements in regard to charity is the development of contactless payments. This was accelerated due to COVID-19, as charities weren’t permitted to collect cash in the midst of the pandemic. Despite this, even before this drastic change, the use of cash was dwindling, meaning that charity collectors were struggling to obtain donations. Since, contactless payments have made their way onto the sphere, and people are able to effortlessly donate using their debit/credit card or their phones. This also makes it easier to donate overseas to developing areas, such as Gaza.

Social Media Platforms

Social media has a bad rep for how it has impacted our society; however, it also has its positive effects when utilised correctly. These platforms don’t solely endorse perfect-looking bodies that no one could ever naturally achieve, but it also shows us the struggles of others and what we can do to help. Social media has enabled charities to share livestreams and videos in order to appeal for the help of their donors. This level of engagement makes donations much more likely, meaning that social media has successfully elevated the charity sector. Love it or hate it, we wouldn’t be where we are today without social media. 


As previously mentioned, the success of charities rests solely on donations. Once upon a time, people were deterred from donating to online charities, as they had no way of determining whether the cause was legitimate. It’s for this reason that Blockchain has benefitted charities, as it ensures transparency with data, which helps reduce fraud. As a result, donors are more likely to make a contribution, as they can see how money is being spent. Similarly, donors are giving the power of retracting their donation if the charity doesn’t meet the conditions that they vowed to deliver. 

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has come on leaps and bounds in recent years with the intention of optimizing efficiency, providing opportunity for growth, and minimizing expenditure. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the labour force took a big hit, which resulted in staff shortages. In order to combat these issues, some companies utilized artificial intelligence. AI is typically brought in with the intention of analyzing data, recognizing patterns, and using this information to make better decisions for the company. Although AI can initially seem daunting, it can actually benefit the charity sector in a multitude of ways, and it has done most recently. 

Virtual Reality

Last but not least, you may be surprised to learn of the impact that virtual reality has had on the charity sector. For instance, children’s charities have been using developments in virtual reality to combat child abuse. This has been achieved via an online simulation in which adults are able to practice interactions with children that are based on sensitive topics. Technology has given adults a means of helping themselves communicate with children, meaning that it has successfully brought us closer to a world that’s free of abuse. 


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