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straight tuck end boxes

With the increasing competition in the market for retail items, you need to level up your packaging design. The packaging of an item must be up to the state of the art standards to make a mark for your product and company. The basic requirements that you need to meet in selecting a packaging box are the following. To pack your product safely and to have a secure way of keeping them intact for a long time, you need good packaging. Custom Straight tuck end boxes are best for doing incredible packaging. A good packaging box is very important to keep your product safe and presentable at the same time. As a product vendor, you need to have an idea of the options for packaging that suit your product.

Safety from damage

This is the most basic need for which you require packaging is product safety. The packaging must be able to keep the contents damage-free. Straight tuck end boxes are perfect long-distance transports, the packaging needs to be resilient and have high tensile strength. It must also be able to protect the products of the box safe even if the box falls off when on shelves of the market.

Protection from dust and moisture

Many items though not delicate need safety from external moisture. The packaging must be airtight to serve that purpose. Certain items can get rusty and lose freshness from external moisture, that is why this feature is necessary.  Custom straight tuck end boxes give you the freedom to customize the box according to your desire. Also, the box packaging must be able to keep out dust to keep the items look neat and tidy.

Making a good impression

Not only the safe-keeping and protection of the items but also their outlook is important to ensure the high standard of your retail items. The printing and presentation of the Straight tuck end boxes must be able to impress the customers. This can greatly add to the overall impression of your exclusive items.

Tuck end packaging boxes

Tuck end boxes are simple boxes with a closure that you can tuck on the inside of the box. This tuck end is a friction lock closure that is easy to use. It is not only convenient but also easily reusable for replacing and removing items again and again. The Custom straight tuck end boxes are completely safe and secure. Their design ensures a tight closure that remains in the same shape for a very long time. By ensuring a good quality material, you can make sure that it does not get deformed easily.

Styles of tuck end packaging boxes

Tuck end boxes can be of various styles of tuck end closures and box designs. These boxes are available in many shapes in the market. You can select the styles and shape of box packaging depending on the size and dimensions of your product. Here are the most common shapes and styles of tuck end boxes that custom paper box manufacturers provide.

Tuck end auto bottom boxes

These straight tuck end boxes have a tuck end at the top end of the box while on the bottom end there is an auto bottom fixture. This auto bottom design is made by cutting out cardboard material in such a way that the flaps of paper fix each other to seal the bottom. The benefit of this style of packaging is that it is easy to organize with a machine or hands. Due to this purpose, the vendors prefer flat shipping of this box packaging to save time and space. This design however is not much suitable for very heavy objects as they can fall out if the bottom is not properly glued.

Straight tuck end boxes

Straight tuck end boxes have two tuck ends on both the top and the bottom end of the box. This tuck ends open on the front side of the box. You can either open the box from the top or the bottom for easy removal of the items inside. The tuck ends are in alignment with each other. This packaging box design gives the convenience of opening the box from either end to the customer. This design is usually present on boxes of smaller width. They ensure the easy removal of the product so that it does not get stuck inside the box.

Reverse tuck end boxes

These tuck end boxes have tuck end closures on each end just like straight tuck end boxes. the only difference is that the tuck ends on the top and bottom open on different sides of the box. The placement of the top tuck end is such that it opens at the front. While the bottom tuck end faces the backside of the packaging box. This style of tuck end packaging box is highly suitable for boxes that have a printing design on both sides of the box. Thus, none of the two sides of the box act as the front side. This design is very popular for the packaging of technological items.

Roll end tuck boxes

These boxes have a single tuck end at the top of the box that opens on the front. The feature that makes these packaging boxes unique is the presence of two dust flaps. These flaps are present on either side of the tuck end and serve the purpose of blocking dust. For the safe packaging of items and products that need safety from dust, this is the perfect packaging option. Roll end tuck boxes are also the most ideal choice for the transport of items along long distances.

Hanger tuck end boxes

These are also a variant of tuck end box packaging with an additional perk. These boxes have a flap of extended cardboard that extends upwards from the backside of the box. This flap has a cutout in the form of a hole or slit. This design is made to help act as a hanger to hand the packaging box on hooks for a better and easy display of the contents.


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