Things to know about Metal Cutting Tools and Methods


Before the widespread use of cemented WC, steel tools and high-speed steels were considered as the primary objects for cutting, making, drilling, and fabrication tools. According to a recent research report, the application of cemented WC has been increasing consistently and broadly over the last decades and it has become the most dominant material among all.

Almost 70% of the metal cutting tools are composed of cemented WC, with 10% of titanium carbide-based cermets and 70% of high-speed steels with other ceramic materials. Metal cutting is considered as a huge market for WC tools and the term cutting refers to a large range of tools for machining. Hence, the majority of metal cutting tools are for machining and you can also use them for other materials like wood, plastics, composites, and ceramic preforms.

A huge list of cutting tools also includes a steel circle cutter which is mainly used to cut metals in round form. Different types of cutting tools consist of inserts that are indexed to be used in end mills, rotary drilling tools, and lathes. Metalworking is a huge term that involves different strategies like working with different metals to create certain parts by using some specific method.

There is a wide range of technologies being used in the metal industry in order to create different types of objects such as small jewelry pieces with various building and construction components. Metalwork processes can be identified into three different categories which are as follows.

  1. Forming
  2. Cutting
  3. Joining

However, you must have heard that casting is one of the most popular methods in the metal industry as it involves pouring metals into a mold. After that it is cooled down and solidified. Let’s have a look at various metal cutting methods and tools like steel circle cutters.

  • Hacksaw

Manual hacksaw is known as the original metal-cutting tool. It is an easier and highly inexpensive option for cutting through metals and other materials. It is a perfect option for home improvement and small projects. Hacksaw is one of the first tools that a homeowner purchases while planning a home remodeling or any other project. This tool is more popular because of its versatility and low cost.

  • Tin Snips

Tin snips is an inexpensive handheld tool like a pair of scissors that cuts metal in a straight form and if its blade is curved, you may cut it in circles and curves. Tip snips can be utilized for cutting soft metals like copper, aluminum and are especially used for cutting sheet metal, metal roofing, gutters and studs. Due to their quality sharp blades, tin snips are able to leave a smooth edge on metals.

  • Metal Air Shears

Metal air shears are an upgraded form of manual tin snips. When it comes to a project which demands cutting bulk and long metal sheets, this power tool comes in handy to make your project easier and quicker. This tool cannot only make quick and clean cuts but it can also handle a thick gauge metal.

An angle grinder is another powerful tool for cutting. It is as versatile as it comes. This tool is primarily used for cutting tiles, stones, mortar, and concrete but people are using it for cutting different metals like aluminum and steel.


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