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If you thought that the watchmaking industry is all about expensive luxury watches, the truth is that ordinary working-class folk do have other options. One option is the Diesel line of affordable watches. This makes it easier for you to buy a watch for yourself that looks good on your wrist or the wrist of a loved one. But why should you buy a Diesel timepiece?

Invest in Watches With Great Designs

A Diesel watch is a good idea for anyone living on a strict budget because the prices are much lower than those of luxury watches. They also look pretty nice and even intriguing. Yet despite the incredible aesthetics, Diesel watches are still timepieces that are durable and water-resistant up to 50 meters. This makes each Diesel watch an excellent investment in itself. If you’re a newbie watch collector, you can start your collection by buying a Diesel timepiece first.

But wait a minute! You may be wondering if you’ll get bored collecting Diesel watches. After all, the brand has only been around since the 1990s. So they might not have enough interesting watches to invest in right? Wrong! Diesel has about 340 watch models on display on its website. So even if you wanted to collect only Diesel watches, you’d still have a lot to choose from.

Try Out Diesel Mega Chief

An excellent example of an attractive men’s watch is the Diesel Mega Chief chronograph gray stainless steel watch. This watch has an oversized face, luminous hour, minute, and second hands (making it easier to tell the time in dim lighting), and markings that give off a blue glow when you see them in the dark. 

Though you can’t use this watch for deep-sea diving, it is water-resistant down to 50 meters. A Diesel Mega Chief has quartz movement meaning it will keep ticking for years.

Other Interesting Diesel Collections for Diesel Fans

You may want to check out other Diesel watch collections if you’re serious about trying to find that perfect watch for a loved one. Some of these Diesel collections are:

  • Diesel On Fadelight

This collection is all about smartwatches that are marketed to both men and women. For that reason, you will find that each watch model has a smaller watch face, unlike the Mega Chief collection that stands out.

  • Diesel Mr. Daddy

This watch collection takes the oversized-face trend one step forward by offering watches that tend to make a bold statement with their watch faces. There is also a more pronounced use of metal with this collection, so each watch may be heavier than you’re used to. So, this collection will probably be more suited to men only.

  • Diesel Griffed

This particular collection also rides on the big and bold trend for Diesel watches. The unifying factors for the collection are features such as the three subdials and the chronograph. Again, this probably wouldn’t appeal to the ladies who want something less conspicuous on their wrists.

How Much Do Diesel Watches Cost?

Diesel timepieces cost somewhere between $130 to $350 apiece. The actual price may differ due to the kind of watch you are buying. For example, men’s watches may cost more than ladies’ watches depending on the features of each watch. Men’s watches tend to be bigger hence the company watchmakers added more materials for each watch.

Diesel smartwatches may cost more than $350 apiece because these watches are more sensitive and offer more features than other Diesel watches. A good example of a smartwatch collection is the Diesel On Axial. It features a 1GB memory, a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset, and an 8GB storage so you can fill it with music and apps. It also has an internal speaker.

Can You Use a Diesel Watch as a Dress Watch?

Ordinarily, these watches are meant for people who have an active lifestyle but do not necessarily pursue extreme sports. So you can probably use your Diesel watch both for casual sports such as cycling or brisk walking and for formal occasions. 

Take note that most of these watches are men’s watches so the ladies might feel left out since the watches don’t seem to match evening dresses and high heels. But if you are female and want to wear a Diesel watch to school or for working out, you can take your pick of these Diesel watches too.


A Diesel watch may not be that costly in terms of price, which explains why many people recognize and patronize the brand. If you are buying for a lady, you can probably find one amongst the over 340 models on display on the Diesel website. But note that most of the Diesel watches will probably appeal to men the most since the watches have oversized faces. They also tend to be bulkier and heavier, which could be cumbersome for women to wear. Still, some of the Diesel models might be slim and light enough for a lady to use for attending college classes or simply for hanging out with friends at the gym after a short workout.


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