Speech Therapy Tips to Improve Your Children’s Speech at Home

Speech Therapy Tips to Improve Your Children’s Speech at Home

Do your child facing difficulty in speech? Have you ever noticed your child stutter while speaking? You know, your kids will develop both verbal and nonverbal skills by the age of one. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to help your baby develop language skills. To guide you with speech-language therapy for children, here we have come up with kids’ speech activities for faster speech development for your baby.

Activities to Encourage Speech Therapy at Home 

Training Unique Sounds 

Start training your children with simple phrases & sounds of animals and their unique sounds such as – Moo, Quake, and Cluck. This helps your child to recognize the names and sounds of different animals. The best part of this speech therapy is – that you can train your child anywhere, even in the car or park.

Tell Stories 

Telling stories is a wonderful way to create a strong bond with your baby. This is a unique way to enrich your child’s speech & language development. To enhance the speech therapy session at home, you can make reading stories by adding facial expressions, and sound effects. This will induce your child to speak faster.

Talk Back 

Even if your baby doesn’t know how to communicate, they used to convey their emotions by crying, cooing, and squealing to get your attention. So, if your baby smiles at you or coos, you need to start communicating with them. So, the next time, your baby will not only smile at you but also say “hello” while waving. Usually, children love to imitate you and they will learn through imitation.

Color Recognition 

To speed up your child’s speech and language therapy, say the colors of everything you see. While walking on the streets or when cars pass, tell your child what color it is. This will foster color recognition and thus induces speech therapy. To get more info on speech and language therapy, you can discuss it with an Expert Speech Therapist in Abu Dhabi.

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Be Descriptive 

Make a habit of describing your everyday activities to your child. While shopping in the grocery store, point to the vegetable name and ask your child to repeat it. Also, when you are cleaning around the house and cooking a meal, explain to your child what you are doing. This is the best way to encourage your child to speak. Talking to your child about each and everything will add more interest to Speech-Language Therapy for Children.

Label Emotions 

Handling emotions helps children to avoid tantrums and other emotional outbreaks. Making them understand about the different types of emotions help children to grow as better people. Training your child with different emotions is very important if they are suffering from Autism. Whether you’re happy, sad, angry, or excited, tell your child using phrases like “I am Happy”, and “I am Sad” and make sure that your child sees your facial reaction and understands it. Talk with your child regarding their emotions.

Communicate with Your Kid with Songs 

Speech therapy specialists at Maudsley Health UAE say that people with autism disorder have a good memory for song lyrics and they love to sing songs. You can sing your favorite song with your child. Singing a song can help your children modulate the speed and tone of their voice while speaking.

Name the Picture 

Showing Flashcards and naming the pictures is the best way to develop language skills in your children. This will help the child to recognize the picture on the card and the name associated with it. And this will encourage your child to speak. Don’t force them to speak in a day – with regular therapy sessions and training at home, your child will start talking in the meantime.

Get Expert’s Help, 

You can try out the above-mentioned speech therapy activities to train your children at home aside from giving your baby the best organic formula just like one sold in . But at a certain point of the training session, you may need the support of a certified speech therapist to enhance your child’s speech skills. Because the training at home along with professional assistance can make things better to speed up your child’s speech and language development skills.

If you think that your child could benefit from a speech therapy session, do not hesitate to contact Maudsley Health UAE. With a team of experienced and caring speech therapists in UAE, the speech therapy center in Abu Dhabi provides a personalized speech development plan that can help your child unlock their full potential.

So, why are you waiting for? Book your free consultation with the certified speech therapists in Abu Dhabi and get started now to enhance your child’s communication skills.


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