Some Things You Need To Buy For Your Golden British Shorthair

Golden British Shorthair

It is an obvious fact that Golden British Shorthair has made its mark as one of the most popular pedigree breeds. It is hard not to fall for those big amber eyes and supper squishy cheeks. They are adored for their beautiful teddy bear appearance and for their loving temperament. Apart from their indifferent nature, they are known for making them the best family pets. 

They are not independent like other breeds, love the company of their owners and will follow them from room to room. In this article, we discuss the things you need to buy for them.

Shopping List for British Shorthair Kitten 

Are you thinking about what to get for your kitten? Below are some recommendations:

Cat Litter Tray

Although these cats love the company of their owners and follow them everywhere they go, they prefer their privacy when they have to do the loo. The first thing that you need for them is the hooded cat litter tray. This will provide them with private space to do their thing and also has enough space to man oeuvre in and out. However, because they are quite big, you need to get a large enough tray for them.

Comfy Cat Bed 

You will find several options when it comes to getting cat beds. We all realize that cats can be super stubborn, and once they find their favorite sleeping spot, no one can get them to sleep elsewhere. It’s best to first observe what where and on which thing they prefer to sleep. So you can get for them a cozy cat cave where they can snuggle down in peace and quiet.  

Cat Food

British Shorthairs prefer to live indoors, and due to their inactive and lazy nature but big appetites, they can gain weight quickly. We recommend getting some good quality food that is designed for the less active cats and lower in fat. You can also ask your vet what is the best food for them. We suggest getting a mix of dry and wet food. Why? Dry food helps to keep their teeth clean, and wet helps them keep hydrated. Feed them meals in the morning and in the afternoon. Keep a bowl of water as well.

Cat Bowls

You need to have a bowl to put food in it. Small bowls are ideal for dry food and water, while saucers are best for a portion of wet food. Moreover, the shallow twin and single bowls are cat friendly and come in sleek black and white options. 

Cat Grooming Kit

The British Shorthair is recognized for having a thick, luxurious coat that requires little grooming. Weekly brushing is normally sufficient, with more frequent grooming during shedding seasons, which are typically in the Spring and Autumn.

Grooming Kit was created especially for breeds with shorter hairs. It includes everything you need to keep your cat’s coat and nails in tip-top shape.

Scratch Post or Tree 

If your cat is going to be an indoor one, then you need to give them an area to exercise and allow them to scratch. Don’t consider this as a bad habit as it is necessary. We recommend you buy a scratch post or tree as per your room size. You can even choose some platforms that can get attach to the walls if you have small floor space. 

Cat Toys

It is necessary to give your family pet a lot of stimulation, especially indoor living. Toys help them develop and appeal to their hunting instincts and provide great bonding time with owners. You can buy catnip mice for them to play and hunt, a wand teaser toy to play with them and a puzzle toy with a delicious treat reward. Keep rotating the toys, so they don’t get bored.

Cat Carrier

If you are a frequent travelers, then buying a good quality carrier of the appropriate size is a must-have option. It helps in smooth transport anywhere you want. 


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