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A shoe rack for a home is a must-have piece of furniture as everyone needs a specific place to store their footwear. Yes, you can leave them stacked against a corner, but it makes the space look cluttered and clumsy for obvious reasons even when you keep this footwear organised; having them neatly stacked at the doorway is an ungainly sight, not to mention the chaos that happens when you can find your right pair of footwear. The perfect solution to all these is to have a shoe rack or a shoe cabinet. Wakefit offers a nice collection of shoe racks with ample storage to organise your footwear and help beautify the place with its unique designs. Before you purchase, here are some designs that can make for a clutter-free and neat living room.

Benefits of having a Shoe Rack

The wardrobes and cabinets are for accessories and clothes, and the shoe racks or cabinets are for shoes. It helps store and organise your footwear and accessories and makes the home odour-free and clean. There are many other compelling reasons to buy a shoe rack; some of them include:

  1. Declutter the space: The Indian tradition of leaving the footwear worn outside at the entrance means that the entryway is cluttered and messy. Add the sand, mud and other things that get dragged to the house with the footwear, and you can imagine the havoc it can create. By placing a shoe rack at the entrance or in your living room, you can ensure that the shoes have a designated place for storage. Shop for Shoe racks online and choose the style that suits the space. 
  2. Increase the lifespan of the footwear: Fancy footwear can cost a bomb, and you would want to ensure that your favourite shoes last as long as possible. A shoe cabinet prevents any accumulation of dust and dampness, but it also helps maintain the quality of the shoe with less exposure, thus helping it have a longer life. 
  3. Enhance the home decor: Who says that the shoe cabinet is just a rack where you store shoes. The latest shoe rack designs are not only used for organising but also amp up the decor of the space it is placed. These designs are stunning and can blend amazingly in the entrance or the living room, enhancing the aesthetcis. 

Wooden Shoe Rack Online Designs

Simple Open Shoe Racks

Are you looking for simplistic yet beautiful shoe racks? Then the open shoe racks are the ideal choice for you. The shoe rack design is simple; it comes with 2, 3 or even 4 tier racks placed on top of each other with wooden support slabs at both ends. Depending on the product dimensions, you can easily store a dozen footwears on it neat and organised. These come in many exquisite finishes and can be placed in your bedroom, foyer, or entrance.

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Seating above the Shoe Rack

Multi-functional furniture pieces are a trend these days as urban apartments are compact and don’t have enough space for all types of furniture. Suppose you have a living room short on space but have many guests often visiting you. The seating above the rack is a great design choice for you. These shoe racks are multi-functional and can be used in the living room as a seating option. These racks come with a bench on top and shoe storage below it. Simply place a comfortable cushion on the bench and use it as a place to wear your shoes or as a seating option. Choose slatted cabinets for proper air circulation to keep them odour-free. For durability, opt for Sheesham wood with unique finishes to add a touch of style to your interiors. 

Rack and Closet Design Combo

This wooden shoe storage for the living room is a design that combines both racks and multiple cabinets in a single unit. These are modern shoe rack designs with open slats where you place your daily footwear, and use the closed cabinets to organise your fancy shoes. The shoe rack top can also be decorated with various accessories to create impressive interiors. 

Multi-Utility Design

These are shoe rack designs that are multi-utility. It comes with many storage options, including closed cabinets, drawers, and slated cabinets. Some of these also come with an upholstered seat to sit comfortably. These storage options have unique step-desings, enhancing the decor and making the space look attractive. Decore the surface of the shoe rack with your priced accessories and flaunt your style. 

In an era of fashion, people are not only interested in clothes and accessories but also splurge on shoes. When so much money is spent, it is quite natural that you would want to ensure it has longer life. The best way to protect your investment and keep the space free from clutter and look stylish is to have the latest shoe rack design. Invest in an excellent modern shoe rack design and spruce your interiors while organising your footwear. 


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