Reasons to Move QuickBooks to the Cloud

Reasons to Move QuickBooks to the Cloud

QuickBooks software is the most dominating software in the market. It is highly preferred by most accounting experts. The software has developed along with the fast changes in the accounting industry and included the most advanced technological improvements. But to get the most out of QuickBooks, you must go either for QuickBooks Cloud or QuickBooks Hosting.

​QuickBooks cloud hosting takes benefit of the most advanced innovation in the technology of cloud computing. Also, there are no differences between hosted QuickBooks and the desktop version for appearance or user interface, but there is a significant development in user experience in the case of QuickBooks Cloud. 

So here are 3 reasons to move QuickBooks to the cloud:

1. Greater productivity

​QuickBooks hosting resolves several issues related to the desktop version, or with the accounting processes performed on a local machine. Also, you do not have to bother about software installation, setup, or maintenance. All you have to do is to open an app provided by the cloud hosting provider and you get access to the software instantly. Moreover, QuickBooks cloud hosting offers anytime, anywhere accessibility, which implies that you are constantly connected to your accounting processes irrespective of where you are around the globe. It also enables multi-user collaborations for working on the same accounting data simultaneously with different levels of authorizations. QuickBooks software can also be hosted on the cloud with the help of a Cloud Hosted Desktop for better accessibility.

2. Saves funds

​QuickBooks Cloud saves expenses without hampering the quality of the service. As there is no requirement to maintain a local server in cloud computing, this saves you from the costs based on having a dedicated IT structure. You will not have to spend on any costly software updates or installations of hardware either. All of this is handled by cloud computing providers. As your specifications modify as time progresses, you can effortlessly scale the plan up or down, rather than buying different systems or servers. This can probably save you plenty of funds in the long term. QuickBooks Cloud Hosting plans are available on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. You can select a plan that is ideal for your specifications. If you require QuickBooks exclusively for the tax season, you can opt for a monthly plan or if you are a professional accountant or CPA, you can purchase the annual plan.

3. Increased privacy and data security

​Privacy and security of your accounting data are of the highest importance. Losing your accounting data or having it fall into the wrong hands can be very dangerous for both you and your clients that could have negative consequences for your company. QuickBooks Cloud eliminates such a threat. Your data is saved and backed up in robust servers located in highly secured data centers that have constant power backup and round-the-clock data protection.

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