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If you use a hosting account with Pair Networks, you can easily use the webmail interface to access your mailbox. Unlike ACC, you do not have to create a separate username and password for your Pair webmail account. The webmail interface allows you to receive, send, and manage email in your mailbox. Pair offers a variety of features, including email forwarding and custom mailboxes. To learn more about how to use Pair webmail, continue reading this article.

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Pair Networks webmail allows users to log in to all related email accounts. To log in, users must first create a mailbox. Email address formats are different for legacy accounts and those in use today. Users can access their email messages by entering their username and domain name, then a password. Once logged in, users can read, send, and manage email in their mailbox. For more information, visit the Pair Networks website.

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If you are using Pair Networks email, you should know how to log into your webmail account using IMAP. IMAP stands for Internet Mail Access Protocol. You can use it to access your webmail account if your email service supports it. IMAP allows you to access your webmail account using the same method as traditional email services. However, you should know that using IMAP requires a different set of protocols to access your emails.


IMAP is an Internet standard protocol that enables mail clients to access a webmail server. It works by retrieving messages from the server using a TCP/IP connection. The protocol coordinates between the mail application and the server for a more synchronized experience. Incoming mail is sent using POP3 or SMTP, the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. The protocol requires authentication. IMAP is also used by webmail programs such as Roundcube and Webmail Lite.

Users should never disclose their real first and last names. Using an invalid user ID can make it easier for a phishing scammer to create spam emails with the intention of tricking them into downloading viruses or opening spam. Moreover, IMAP allows users to define their own keywords. In addition to these, a user ID can be invalid if it is not provided. It can also be used in a secure manner.

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Custom mailboxes are a great way to personalize your email. When you’re setting up a new mailbox, you need to enter the owner’s first and last name. The display name will be displayed in emails sent by the mailbox owner. You can also enter additional contact information, such as their telephone number or email address. Once the mailbox is created, you can modify its settings, including its maximum size, junk email filtering, and password.

Final Words:

To add a new mailbox, you must first purchase mailbox licenses. You can purchase them from the Email Hosting page or contact support to order additional mailboxes. To import mailboxes, you must log in to the Email Admin Control Panel and select the domain you wish to add the mailbox to. After this, click on ‘Add/Edit Multiple Mailboxes’ and type in the name of the mailbox you’d like to add.



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