Open-Source call center software

The article I’m going to discuss is about open-source call center software. The call center is the central department that connects calls from existing and potential customers. A call center can handle incoming and outgoing calls and can be located within the company or assigned to another company that specializes in handling calls. Call centers are used by online retailers, telemarketing operators, computer help desks, mail-order organizations, surveys, charities, and any large organization that uses the phone to sell and provide products or services or improve customer service. Now let’s discuss open source call center software.

What is open-source call center software?

Buyer Pride and engagement is the only goal with which each of the inbound and outbound name facilities paintings diligently to clear up client queries and keep client relationships. Here comes the function of the Call Center Software. Customer dating management (CRM) is a tough challenge that calls for faultless technical support. So, name facilities leverage technology to supply clients with a remarkably high-quality experience. Call center software is a tool that helps the call centers to alleviate, micromanage, and hasten their everyday activities, thereby boosting the patron experience. This software program is loaded with functions to ease the procedures concerned and decrease needless manual work. Customer pleasure and engagement is the only goal with which each of the inbound and outbound names facilitates paintings diligently to remedy client queries and hold consumer relationships. Here comes the position of the Call Center Software. Customer dating management (CRM) is a hard venture that calls for wonderful technical support. So, name facilities leverage technology to supply clients with the remarkably best experience. An open-source call center software must have the following characteristics.

  • Call recording
  • Call barging
  • Toll-loose services
  • Call termination
  • Conference calling
  • Call queues
  • The interactive voice reaction system
  • Automatic Call Routing (ACD) /Automatic name distributor
  • Voicemail, transcription, and notifications
  • Virtual Private Network solutions
  • Disposition codes
  • Predictive dialler
  • Voice Logging/ Recording
  • VoIP telecall smartphone systems
  • Campaign Management
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • SIP Trunk Authentication
  • Database display pops
  • PBX

Leveraging the era can reap better productivity and decrease workload. A plethora of software program areas to be had withinside the market. One has to select in keeping with one’s requirements and price range. If name facilities have price range constraints then, Free and Open Source name middle software programs will assist them to manipulate their paintings efficiently.

We have collated the listing of the best loose and open supply name middle software programs in your business. Here I’m going to discuss the top ten open-source call center software.

  1. Bitrix24
  2. VICIdial
  3. EKIGA
  4. OrekaGPL by OrecX
  5. Lin phone
  6. Asterisk
  7. ICT Dialer
  8. MicroSIP
  9. Mukti 1.1
  10. GoAutodial


If you’re searching out a distinctly sophisticated, all functions enabled, customizable and unfastened, and open supply name middle software, after which there’s no competitor of Bitrix 24 in this category. It is a one-forestall answer for what your complete name middle needs. Bitrix 24 is loose and open-supply name middle software with effective functions like workgroup collaboration, undertaking, and venture management, multi-channel CRM, and a loose helpdesk. It comes with absolutely loaded capabilities and a cloud garage that may provoke anyone. It has a valid monitoring and broadcasting competence. It has a computing device and cellular app version. It is loose for 12 patrons with a garage of 5GB and a hundred name recordings consistent with the month and a thousand loose emails. Some familiar features of this open-source call center software are as follows.

  • Virtual PBX
  • Call Recordings
  • IVR
  • Call Routing
  • Employee Extensions 
  • Robocalling
  • Caller ID
  • Voluntary Dialer
  • Multichannel feature 
  • String and course intelligently
  • Diplomat chit-chat to digital assistants


  • All required files may be organized and accessed in a single place.
  • Bitrix24 makes the control of name middle offerings reputedly simple, especially for small businesses.
  • Each member can employ a hobby, circulate to music their development and replace the reputation in their tasks.


  • This name center software program is like-minded handiest with home windows OS
  • The mobile model of the software program isn’t available


VICIdial is an amazing open source call center software. The essential display helps sixteen distinctive languages, with alternatives to create custom-designed versions. The exceptional component is that the whole lot is on one display. They additionally host a discussion board to rep to lay your queries. It has superior predictive dialler functions and an unmarried display.

Main features of this open-source call center software

  • ACD for inbound calls
  • Outbound agent-controlled, broadcast, and predictive dialing
  • Three-Way dubbing in the agent application
  • Anticipated Callbacks: Agent-Only and Anyone
  • Scalable to load pads.


  • Call IDs may be delivered to particular categories
  • Useful for outbound car dial can improve over the approach to time table calls.


You can without problems discover an open-source call center software freed from price today, however, Ekiga is extensively famous amongst name facilities throughout the globe for its softphone, video conferencing, and messaging solutions. It may be incorporated with a plethora of formats and has a user-pleasant interface. However, it offers all its customers a SIP to cope with, free from cost. This SIP deals with customers to make outbound calls to clients throughout the world, which includes video calls.

Some outstanding features of this open-source call center software

  • Call Hold facility
  • Call Forwarding
  • Message and call Waiting
  • Call Transfer faculty 
  • Calls History feature
  • Call Monitoring System 
  • Provide Address Book Management facility 
  • Auto-Answer facility 
  • Gives HD sound quality
  • Allows PC-To-Phone calls
  • An Echo Cancellation


  • Ability to paint with Voice over IP.
  • MultiOS support.
  • Easy to put in and configure.


  • No choice to view EML files
  • In occasional cases, no utilization of account for prolonged periods can also moreover cause deletion of information related to the account.

OrekaGPL by OrecX

OrekaGPL is also open-source software that is broadly used. Almost all touch facilities report requires the purpose of education and enhancing patron service. To do so, they ought to have a dependable software program that statistics telecel smartphone calls and maintains the data safe. Oreka GPL makes it feasible for named facilities to do so. There aren’t any similar charges while the device is implemented. It affords an interface for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). It is feasible to customize the device. In its gift state, this open-supply recording venture helps VoIP seize in addition to sound tool seize. Calls that have been recorded are stored in a database and may be accessed on the internet. 


  • Software is straightforward for group contributors to study calls and export recordings, etc. 
  • As the scale of the recording, the record is less, so there’s no difficulty with storage. 


  • The simple model interface isn’t smooth to customize. 
  • It will now no longer document if any variable is added to the equation. 

Lin phone

If you’re seeking out an open-source call center software, your seek must constantly finish with an open-source call center software that is Linphone. Linphone Desktop four is a complicated audio/video calling platform for superior calling in expert regions and may be used in the agency as name facilities for connection to personal customers. It is a protocol-primarily based platform for calling and report keeping. It works for cellular and laptop applications.


The Asterisk verbal exchange device needs to be your first choice in case you are searching out a conversation answer on your name in an open-source call center software. It is possible to apply Asterisk as a comprehensive open source call center software program and open-source verbal exchange device. Asterisk is a distinguished middle software program that is used everywhere in the world. Asterisk is a loose and open-supply phone device. 

ICT Dialer

If you’re searching for a multifunctional autodialer then ICTdialer has several capabilities to provide you. ICTdialer is an open-source call center software program. A vehicle mobile dialer is a software program used to dial telecel smartphone numbers from a database. It is used to go away voice messages for people to dial telecel smartphone numbers for an administrator. Auto dialers shop several times via means of dialing automatically.


It is a beneficial software program for small-name facilities dealing with fewer quantities of records on an ordinary basis. It has softphone functions primarily based totally on VoIP technology. This is also a popular open-source call center software. 

Mukti 1.1

This open-source call center software authorizes each inbound and outbound boost with a variety of dialing modes.


Goautodial is an open source call center software that allows customers to make a telecel smartphone gadget for his or her name middle. It additionally has a completely effective predictive dialer and Automated Call Routing device.

Final review

An open-supply name middle software program software has spread out new possibilities for small and mid-sized agencies to be pushed toward better productivity and efficiency. With loose and comparatively inexpensive licenses for name-middle structures, businesses can now undertake new technology and supply higher customer support.

In the end, an open-source call center software is offering a large alleviation to bootstrapped and limited-finances corporations out there. Now, they oughtn’t rely on a person else to control the vulnerabilities of their customer support process. Companies can create custom-designed bendy answers for or her unique needs. With alternatives similar to the ones mentioned above, it’s clear that open source production has opened new borders for workers of call centers.


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