Online PDF Editors

Online PDF Editors

You have probably come across the word PDF in your daily computer tasks many times. But do you know what it means? The term PDF is the abbreviation for Portable Document Format, and serves the purpose of saving and sharing files that require viewing and printing. PDF was originally created by Adobe Systems for universal sharing of read-only documents.

PDF is universally preferred due to a set of advantages:

  • It doesn’t alter the appearance of graphics in documents regardless of the device or software used to open it.
  • It allows for the integration of various elements of content such as hyperlinks, images, text, videos, etc. into a presentation file.
  • Pdf is straightforward.
  • Helps the user with security features in documents such as digital signatures and watermarks,
  • Pdf documents are compact and are easily compressed while retaining the same quality of images and graphics.

You can simply edit your document online with the online PDF editor software which make pdf editable. You can do so by using pdf editing software, which are special programs or software used in viewing and editing PDF documents. A PDF editors makes it possible to modify pdf online. This implies that after converting a word document to a PDF format, you will need special software to convert pdf to editable word document.

Editing a pdf document can be draining more so when the quality of the document is at stake. I have provided you with a list of some online pdf editors software which have proven to be quite resourceful to users and their features:

Lumin PDF

Lumin pdf  is the best pdf editor and among the most widely used pdf editors. Millions of people prefer this software due to its features. You can take advantage of the free trial version that allows users to test it before they invest in it.

This smart online pdf editor allows users to annotate documents with ease. You can edit pdf documents online and modify information including images, signatures, comments and text.

Additionally, lumen has special features whereby a group of people can edit the same document at the same time. As the document is being edited, the whole team can view all the changes made as they happen. Moreover, teams can also communicate directly instantly in the document as they work.

It also offers other features whereby users can draw shapes, including signatures to documents directly from the browser. Besides, documents can be easily integrated to the users Lumin, dropbox or cloud Google drive. Consequently the user can easily access Lumin documents on Google classroom.

Documents edited using this pdf file editor are automatically saved. The user doesn’t suffer through the process of saving their work as they make adjustments.

Also, Lumin is convertible with a set of electronic devices and can be used with the same efficiency on your mobile phone as on your tablet or computer.

To sum up Lumin is one of the top rated online pdf editors more so when filling out pdf forms, as you can easily add text to pdf file and include signatures. Once done the person on the other end can view the document without the need to email it.


Sedja is another quite easy to use online pdf editor. This is because the website provides the user with a step by step guidance on how to perform various functions. Additionally it is completely safe as all files uploaded for editing are erased from the system within two hours after use.

Most users get to modify pdf online free thanks to the Sedja pdf editor. The provider allows free editing of the first two hundred pages for free- equivalent to fifty MB three tasks per hour. If you would rather use Sedja offline, you can opt for the desktop option.

Sedja also has other features as users can modify pdf  online and create fillable pdf documents.  The pdf editing software, helps you to easily include text on fillable pdf forms and include signatures. Additionally, users can include images, hyperlinks and highlight various parts of the document. Besides, it is possible to adjust any hyperlinks on your document using Sedja online pdf editor.

The find and replace feature on this application allows easy editing of large documents where specific terms and titles require replacing. As for parts that you would wish to erase from the document, you can use the whiteout feature to block that particular section. This white out is usually a virtual shape which you can easily adjust depending on the size of text.


Smallpdf is another quite popular online pdf editor. If you are using Google Chrome, you can easily access smallpdf by installing the smallpdf chrome extension on your browser.

Most people enjoy this pdf file editor as it easily allows the user to convert pdf to editable word documents regardless of the size for free without even the need to sign up. Similarly, on the same platform, you can also convert your word document to pdf.

In most cases, when you convert pdf to editable word document, the product quality is compromised. With small pfd, you do not need to worry about the quality of the word document as the provider has partnered with Solid documents to ensure high quality products for its users.

 You can also use this application on any operating system with the same high quality outcome. Additionally, the files uploaded on the applications are completely safe as the system automatically deletes them within an hour.

Another feature of this online pfd editor is the ability to compress pdf files up to a size of five gigabytes. By compressing a file, you reduce its size without compromising on the quality. The smaller compressed pdf file is much easier to upload to the web or email.

With this pdf online editor, you can easily merge several pdf documents for free without the need to sign up. This feature is unique to smallpdf and is also a highly technical procedure for which the user would have otherwise purchased a rather expensive software.

Smallpdf allows you to easily convert jpg images to pdf. While doing so, the application allows you to adjust the format of the image as desired. In which case, you can include multiple images in your pfd document such as png, tiff, bmp and gif.


Pdfescape is a free online pdf editors, which you can directly access from your browser or by installing it on your desktop.

This online pdf editing software makes pdf editable by allowing you to add text to pdf, create fillable pdf forms, complete fillable pdf documents, view pdf files and annotation of pdf documents.

Depending on the services you desire, you can use the free version or upgrade. The free services of Pdfescape users get to upload pdf files and view them, make the desired adjustments and create fillable pdf. If you are encountering problems with watermarks and logos, then this online pdf editor could be the perfect solution for you..

You can also try out the premium service and the desktop application on a seven day trial. With the premium package, you enjoy a higher file size limit and more advanced editing features paid for every 30days. You can alternatively choose the ultimate package which you pay for once, and enjoy the services life-time.

Wrap up

In this article, we have looked at the best pdf editors and you can now edit pdf file online free. You can always look up these applications online by typing google pdf editor or Pdf edit online free.  The sites offer these services on the first page, most of which are free. 


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